12 Ideas for Breakfast in Nigeria

Bread and Tea

Breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. The first meal of the day is one that most people don’t take lightly, and even with the busy schedules of the working class, there’s always time to squeeze in a meal before the start of work.

Nigerians are known for various native and even foreign dishes; with all these options, you can imagine breakfast is non-negotiable. Fortunately, there are a large variety of options to choose from that could serve as the perfect breakfast, although certain meals are more commonly served as breakfast than some others.

Below is a list of some Nigerian breakfast ideas if you’re looking for the best meal to scrounge up in the morning.

1. Bread and Tea

This meal is one of the most popular breakfast choices available. Bread is eaten with tea or beverages such as milk, Milo, Ovaltine, and much more. Typically, it’s this combination of beverages Nigerians refer to as tea, although the tea gotten from teabags is also used by many people.

The good thing about bread is that it can also be combined with certain other foods to make up a healthy breakfast. Anyone can take bread along with tea. Some people prefer to toast the bread, while others use it together with akara to make the perfect Nigerian sandwich for their tea. Either way, it makes for the ideal breakfast.

2. Akara and Pap or Custard

Akara is a popular snack in the country made from ground beans. Various ingredients, such as onions, pepper, and salt, are added to the ground beans and deep-fried to produce this bean cake.

When served as breakfast, akara can be combined with pap meal or custard. Most people add milk and sugar to the pap or custard for a better taste. It makes for an excellent breakfast.

While it can be and is often made at home, the more accessible alternative is to buy it within the neighborhood. Its popularity as a part of various breakfast meals makes it easily obtainable.

3. Plantain and Egg Sauce

This delicious meal is easy to prepare, and the combo serves as the perfect breakfast. Plantains can be ripe or unripe, with the most preferred choice being ripe plantains, which can be fried or boiled to go together with egg sauce.

Egg sauce is easy to make and perfect for breakfast with plantains. If you want to make this meal, the eggs have to be salted and whisked, and then you should add pepper, fry the onions, and add seasoning in the oil for a few minutes; the whisked eggs should be added to the pan and allowed to cook before serving. As an alternative to egg sauce, stew can also go with plantains.

4. Yam and Stew or Egg Sauce

This meal is another easy-to-make option for breakfast. Yam is cut and boiled and taken with egg sauce or stew for breakfast.

Yam can also be cut into thinner slices and fried as an alternative to boiling. Served with any sauce, it gives a delicious and filling breakfast.

5. Noodles and Egg

Apart from being a favorite among children, noodles are easy to cook, making them a perfect choice for breakfast. Several noodles are available in neighborhood stores and can be bought and prepared in 15 minutes.

Noodles are one of the most accessible breakfast options, especially when time isn’t available to whip up anything more complex. For better nourishment, noodles are often served with eggs which can be boiled or fried. Some people prefer to fry their noodles, but cooking is the typical method.

6. Rice and Stew

This simple combination is a favorite in many Nigerian homes and makes for the perfect breakfast. White rice is boiled and eaten with stew or any other kind of sauce available, none of which take too much time to make.

Stew is typically made with tomatoes, meat, spices, and ingredients like pepper, onions, seasoning, thyme, garlic, and ginger. Tomato paste is the usual alternative in the absence of fresh tomatoes, and you can also use the two to prepare stew with any meat or fish.

7. Beans and Pap or Garri

Although beans take time, they can be cooked the previous night and reheated for use in the morning. You can serve beans with pap or garri for a delicious and healthy breakfast. Beans can be eaten alone, too, if you’re pressed for time.

8. Spaghetti or Macaroni and Stew

Aside from taking rice with stew, you can serve these different kinds of pasta with stew or egg sauce for breakfast. They are relatively easy to cook. You can prepare it in about 15 to 20 minutes, and anyone can make it. It is the perfect morning meal because of those factors, especially when a busy schedule is in the way of preparing a meal that’ll be time-consuming.

9. Bread and Beans

In Nigeria, beans can be eaten with a variety of side dishes. One of the main side dishes that go with beans is bread, making for a staple breakfast in some homes. The combination of the two provides a decent, tasty breakfast.

10. Moi-Moi and Pap or Custard

Moi-moi is another popular Nigerian snack that can be taken in place of akara. It is also made from ground beans, but the preparation varies since akara is deep-fried while moi-moi is boiled.

It can also be used with pap, custard, or even oatmeal for breakfast, making it an ideal breakfast for many Nigerians. While it’s often made at home, moi-moi can also be purchased in nearby shops or supermarkets.

11. Pancakes and Oatmeal

Pancakes are simply delicious. It can be eaten alone or served with oatmeal for a more satisfying meal. They also make for a perfect, easy-to-make breakfast, and even in Nigerian homes, pancakes for breakfast are popular, although it’s typically a weekend breakfast meal.

Different varieties of oatmeal are available to use, and they are relatively easy to make and take only about 10 to 15 minutes to prepare.

12. Yam Porridge

This is another dish that guarantees a filling and hearty breakfast. Yam is boiled till it acquires a certain tenderness. With a mixture of pepper, onions, palm oil, seasoning, and even vegetables, a delicious porridge is formed as the meal is prepared.

It isn’t a complicated dish and doesn’t take too much time to prepare, making it an excellent and tasty choice for breakfast.

These dishes are easy to prepare, have unique tastes, and you don’t have to break the bank. These factors also serve as a significant factor for their popularity as breakfast options in Nigerian homes. They are sure to leave you happy and satisfied, which is a quality expected of any good breakfast.