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Who is Asa? Learn More About French-Nigerian Music Artiste

Asa is a recording artist, singer, and songwriter who was born in France and raised in Nigeria. She was born on September 17th, 1982 in the city of Paris, France. She goes by the name Bukola Elemide.

10 Facts About Asa

  1. Bukola Elemide is her full name.
  2. Her stage name Asa means Hawk in Yoruba.
  3. Her father inspired her musical love.
  4. Pop, Alternative, and Jazz are her genres.
  5. Her parents are Akin and Arsah Elemide.
  6. She is of Yoruba ancestry.
  7. Asa is a Christian.
  8. She has three brothers who are older.
  9. She lost her virginity at 28.
  10. Her net worth is $28 million.

Who is Asa?

Asa is a recording artist, singer, and songwriter who was born in France and raised in Nigeria. She was born on September 17th, 1982 in the city of Paris, France. She goes by the name Bukola Elemide.

The name Asa, which is pronounced “Asha,” is a Yoruba phrase that translates to “Hawk.” Her musical abilities are on full display, as she is accomplished on the trumpet, the guitar, and the vocals.

Asa’s father encouraged her interest in music by providing her with access to his extensive record collection, which featured artists such as Nina Simone, Erykah Badu, Fela Kuti, Diana Ross, Marvin Gaye, King Sunny Ade, and Bob Marley. He was also an avid fan of music.

Pop, alternative, and jazz are the categories that best describe her sound. She was motivated to change her appearance by the musician Bob Marley, and she did so by growing her hair into dreadlocks. At the 2011 French Music Awards, Asa was one of the artists considered for the award for Female Artist of the Year.

Asa’s Early Life

Asa was conceived in Paris to parents from Nigeria who had moved there to pursue careers in and learn the art of filmmaking. When she was only two years old, her family moved back to Nigeria to live there permanently.

Asa was born to parents from the Itoku community of the Abeokuta South LGA of Nigeria’s Ogun State. Asa spent his childhood in Lagos City, which is located in the south-western region of Nigeria.

18 years later, she moved back to Paris, and that’s when her career as an artist really took off.

Asa’s Education

Asa received his education at the illustrious Corona High School in Lagos. Her formative years were spent in Jos, which is located in the Plateau State of Nigeria’s Middle Belt. There, she also received her West African Senior Secondary Certificate from the Federal Government College in Jos.

She attended Lagos State University, where she majored in Music and Theatre Arts as well. However, she left the program as a diploma student after a little over six months because the coursework interfered with her saxophone lessons class at Peter King’s Musical School in Badagry Lagos, where she majored in Guitar for a year. She had been attending the school for about six months.

She went back to France, which is also the country in which she was born, to attend the IMFP Institute of Professional Musical Training in Salon-de-Provence and study jazz music.

Asa’s Career

In 2004, Asa was introduced to Cobhams Asuquo by her friend and manager, Janet Nwose. Cobhams Asuquo went on to produce Asa’s debut studio album. In She met Janet Nwose same year.

Teachers in France advised her that she should pursue a career as a recording artist immediately because she was prepared for the industry and did not require any further education. Her debut single “Eyé Adaba” was being played on the radio in her native Nigeria.

Asa became a member of the Naive Records roster. Asa, her debut self-titled album, was produced in collaboration with Asuquo, and also featured contributions from Christophe Dupouy and Benjamin Constant. The album went on to achieve platinum certification. Asa climbed to the top of the charts in Europe, Asia, and Africa after the release of her album. She went on to win the prestigious French Constantin Award in 2008 after being selected as the most promising new talent out of 10 singers or groups by a panel of 19 music industry experts in Paris.

Beautiful Imperfection, Asa’s second album, was released on October 25, 2010, and went platinum the following year. The album was a collaboration between Asa and French composer Nicolas Mollard. Late in the month of September in 2010, “Be My Man,” the debut single from Beautiful Imperfection, was made available to the public. It was reported that Asa had sold 400,000 albums all over the world by the year 2014.

Bed of Stone, the third studio album released by Asa, was made available for purchase in August of 2014. “Dead Again,” “Eyo,” “Satan Be Gone,” “The One That Never Comes,” and “Moving On” are the songs that have been released as singles. Between the years 2015 and 2017, she embarked on a tour of the world.

She came out with a brand new single on May 14, 2019, titled “The Beginning,” and then she came out with another single on June 25, 2019, titled “Good Thing.” She made the announcement on her Twitter page on September 11, 2019, that her upcoming album, titled Lucid, will be released on October 11, 2019, which is exactly when it happened. On February 25, 2022, she approved yet another album under the title “V.” It featured contributions from artists such as Wizkid, the highlife duo from Nigeria known as The Cavemen, and the Ghanaian musician Amaarae.

Asa’s Ethnicity

Asa is a Yoruba because both of her parents were born in Itoku, which is located in the Abeokuta South Local Government Area of Ogun State in Nigeria. Her ancestry is Yoruba, and she speaks the language fluently.

Asa’s Parents

Her parents’ names are Akin Elemide and Arsah Elemide. Her mother was recently seen at her concert that was titled “Asa Live In Lagos,” and her father passed away some years ago.

Her father had a career in the field of telecommunications engineering. He also covered events such as weddings and other ceremonies on video. Her mom owned a shop and worked hard to make ends meet for the family. When she was still a young woman, her parents got a divorce.

Asa’s Siblings

Asa has three older brothers who are older than h. Among her siblings, she is the one that is the youngest.

Asa’s Religious Belief

It’s fair to call Asa a Christian. Her family was active participants in the white garment church known as the Celestial Church of Christ, which was located in Lagos.

Asa’s Relationship Status

Asa has never been married and does not currently have a spouse. She has admitted that she has been unkind to herself over the years, and as a result, she is currently single.

When she was dating an English man in the past, he mentioned that Asa does not like to be bothered, particularly in the morning. Asa has never been either engaged or married to another person.

Asa’s Sexual Orientation

It was rumored in 2013 that Asa was a lesbian, and that her manager, Janet Nwosu, was her purported lover. She vehemently denied the allegations and even went so far as to file a libel lawsuit against the news outlet that had published them. In 2014, she shared the news that she had at long last met the man who would become the love of her life.

Asa’s Virginity

Asa mentioned in an interview that she had her first sexual experience when she was 28 years old. This interview took place in 2015. In the same year, she revealed she was dating a handsome Englishman whose identity was never revealed in the interview. The only thing we know about him is that he is a business owner and that he was the motivation behind her song “How Did Love Find Me.”

Asa’s Children

Asa does not at this writing have any biological children of her own.

Asa’s Social Media

Asa is active across multiple social media networks. You may find her on both Instagram and Facebook under the username @asaofficial. You may follow her on Twitter at @asa_official or on YouTube at ASAofficialvideo.

Asa’s Net Worth

Asa is one of the most well-known musicians in Nigeria and is worth an estimated $28 million.