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Who is Ayra Starr? All You Need To Know About Nigerian Rising Star

Ayra Starr is an Afrobeat singer who hails from Nigeria. After beginning her career in the fashion industry at the age of 16 with Quove Model Management, she later decided to pursue a career in music.10

9 Facts About Ayra Starr

  1. She is a popular Nigerian singer.
  2. Ayra Star was born in Cotonou, Benin, on June 14, 2002.
  3. She studied at Les Cours Sonou University in Cotonou, Benin.
  4. She joined Quove Models in August 2018.
  5. She is of Yoruba anscestry.
  6. Dami Aderibigbe is her brother. He plays the guitar and writes songs.
  7. She modelled for Mazelle Studio, Complete Fashion, and Esperanza Woman.
  8. She began recording at Mavin in 2020.
  9. Ayra Starr’s net worth is $500,000.

Who is Ayra Starr?

Ayra Starr is an Afrobeat singer who hails from Nigeria. After beginning her career in the fashion industry at the age of 16 with Quove Model Management, she later decided to pursue a career in music.

The complete form of her name is Oyinkansola Sarah Aderibigbe. She was born on June 14th, 2002 in Cotonou, which is located in the Benin Republic.

After posting multiple covers of songs by well-known singers on Instagram, Ayra Starr finally uploaded her own original song to the social media platform in 2019. Because of this, record producer Don Jazzy took notice of Starr, and as a result, she signed a recording contract with Mavin Records.

Early in 2021, Ayra Starr rose to prominence in the music industry with the release of her self-titled first extended play and the smash single “Away,” which peaked at number four on Nigeria’s TurnTable Top 50 for two consecutive weeks.

Ayra Starr’s upbringing in a musically talented family influenced her to pursue a career in music. Her brother is a guitarist and songwriter, and her mother is a vocalist. Since she was ten years old, she had the ambition to pursue a profession in singing, but her father constantly urged her to complete her schooling first.

She has a lot of respect for Asa’s writing ability, and she looks up to her lyrically. In addition to that, she gives thanks to her musical influences, which include artists such as 2Face Idibia, Sia, Beyonce, Tiwa Savage, Wande Coal, and many more.

Ayra Starr Early Life

Ayra Starr was born on June 14th, 2002 in the city of Cotonou in the Benin Republic. She spent her childhood both in the Benin Republic and in Lagos, Nigeria. Her parents are from Nigeria, and she is one of four children born to them.

Her passion for singing was mostly instilled in her by her musically-inclined family, since she was brought up in an environment that fostered an appreciation for music. At the age of 10, Ayra Starr and her brother started creating and performing their own music.

In college, she was frequently harassed by a fellow student who picked on her because of both her age and her appearance. Her mother was very supportive of her daughter’s musical profession and urged her daughter to pursue it at every opportunity.

Ayra Starr Education

She attended elementary school and high school in Cotonou, which is located in the Benin Republic. Ayra Starr attended Les Cours Sonou University and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double concentration in international relations and political science.

Ayra Starr Career

In August of 2018, Ayra Starr made her modeling debut after signing with Quove Models. She has worked as a model for several different organizations, including Complete Fashion Magazine, Esperanza Woman, and Mazelle Studio.

She began sharing digital covers of songs by 2face and Andra Day in 2019. She first gained attention after appearing in the music video for Eri Ife’s “Dear Future Wife,” and in December of 2019, she uploaded her first original song, “Damage,” to her Instagram profile, which led to a recording contract with Mavin Records.

In the year 2020, she began her recording career at Mavin Studios alongside Louddaaa and Don Jazzy. Her performance for the season finale of the Nigerian idol took place on July 11, 2021. On August 6, 2021, she released her first studio album, which was titled “19 & Dangerous.” This album was her first time recording with other musicians, including Foushee and CKay, who appeared on the album. On September 27, 2021, Ayra Starr made history by becoming the first female artist to ever have a solo single song rise up the Top 50 chart.

The album “Before we Fall Asleep” by Johnny Drile includes a guest appearance by Ayra Starr. The song is titled “In the Light.” She was given the position of Brand Ambassador for Pepsi Nigeria on September 4th, 2021. On September 5, 2021, she gave a performance at a live show of Big Brother Naija that featured an eviction. At the 8th Annual African Muzik Magazine Awards, she was recognized as the recipient of the Best Newcomer Award.

Her music has been dubbed both Afropop and R&B by critics and fans alike. The media has used terms such as arresting, intimate, and soulful to characterize her voice. Music journalists have commented on the dynamic aspect of her range, as well as the emotive delivery of her songs. Her lyrics are a blend of English, Yoruba, and Pidgin English, and they frequently examine contemporary themes like independence, empowerment, love, and romance.

Some critics noted that her vocal technique strongly matched that of Tems’ when her debut eponymous EP was released, and they felt that there was a strong similarity. Oris Aigbokhaevbolo, a contributor to Music In Africa, wrote that Ayra Starr is a developing musician and lauded her singing abilities in a review for the album 19 & Dangerous.

Albums released by Ayra Starr include 19 & Dangerous, which was released in 2021, as well as the Ayra Starr EP, which was released in the same year.

Overloading, Love Don’t Cost A Dime, Fashion Killer, Cast, Rush, Beggie Beggie, Sare, Bloody Samaritan, Away, Lonely, Memories, This Your Love, Karma, Stars, and In Between are just few of the songs that she has released.

Ayra Starr Ethnicity

Ayra Starr has Yoruba roots in her family tree. She is originally from the state of Kwara in Nigeria.

Ayra Starr Parents

There is no information available regarding her parents. We assure you that we will keep this page up to date as we proceed with the investigation of her parents.

Ayra Starr Siblings

Ayra Starr is one of five children in her family. Her brother Dami Aderibigbe is a musician who plays the guitar and also writes songs.

Ayra Starr Religion

Ayra Starr adheres to the Christian faith. She was brought up in a Christian household by her parents. The fact that she goes by her given name, Sarah, is sufficient evidence that she is a Christian.

Ayra Starr Boyfriend

Ayra Starr is not currently involved in any romantic connection, nor does she have a partner who is known to the public.

Ayra Starr Children

Ayra Starr does not yet have any children of her own. We do not believe that there is a child who is being kept from the public view.

Ayra Starr Social Media

If you want to follow Ayra Starr on social media, you can find her at @ayrastarr on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. Her handle on Facebook is @starrayra, in case you were wondering. Additionally, you may find her on YouTube under the alias “Ayra Starr.”

Ayra Starr Net Worth

It is roughly approximated that Ayra Starr’s net worth is in the range of $500,000.