Difference between Bible and Quran

Difference between Bible and Quran

The Bible and the Quran throw a profound light on Christianity and Islam, respectively. The Bible and the Quran stand as a rock towards the two religions. They both stand as a holy scripture of their religion, holding the beliefs on which each faith is founded. The Muslims understand that the Quran was made known to Mohammed directly from God using the angel Gabriel. However, the Bible stands as collective scriptures sacred to Christianity and Judaism.

The differences between the Bible and the Quran are broad, and this article will explain a good number of differences.

What is the Bible?

Thirteen centuries ago, the Bible was compiled. The Bible is interestingly arranged chronologically. The Bible has more than one author. The Bible has about seven (7) versions. The Bible has made Christians understand that Jesus was crucified. It also points out that Jesus is the God of flesh. It has taught Christians that Jesus rose from death and he was the son of God.

When reading the Bible, one would find out that lots of miracles were recorded in the Bible. The Bible also talks about so many prophecies. The Bible has commanded that Christians worship on the Sabbath day.

What is Quran?

The prophet Mohammed encountered his first revelation in the cave of Hira. Over twenty-three years, he received the remaining revelation. Unlike the Bible, the Quran is not chronologically arranged. The Quran is made of only one version, and the word Quran is mentioned 70 times in the Quran itself. The Quran has maintained its original form to date.

The Quran teaches its believers that Jesus is not God, so Jesus was not crucified nor risen from death. The Quran also mentioned that salvation is only possible when one is sincere in his work, and Jesus was not the son of God. The Quran teaches its believers that there is no fallen angel, which the Christians call the devil, but instead, there is a fallen Jinn. According to the Quran, man is basically good and not a sinner. The Quran does not record prophecies, and no miracle was mentioned. They recommended their worship days be Fridays.

Difference Between Bible and Quran

  • The Bible has seven versions, while the Quran maintains only one version.
  • The Quran teaches that the holy spirit is the angel Gabriel, while the Bible teaches that the holy spirit bears the witness of Jesus.
  • The Bible recorded thousands of prophecies, whereas the Quran has no record of any prophecy.
  • The believers of Christ are made to worship God on Sabbath days. The Quran teaches their worship days to be Fridays.
  • The Quran is a miracle to its believers. No form of miracle is mentioned in the Quran. The Bible has recorded so many miracles.
  • The Bible teaches that the followers of Christ are his disciples. The Muslims, according to the Quran, declare themselves as disciples.
  • In the Quran book, Jesus was not the son of God, while the Bible teaches that Jesus is the son of God.