Difference Between Coconut Tree and Palm Tree

Difference Between Coconut Tree and Palm Tree

The coconut tree and the palm tree have some significant similarities and differences. The coconut tree is a specie of palm tree. One crucial difference between the coconut tree and the palm tree is that the end product of the coconut is the coconut oil, while the palm tree is the palm oil. There are so many differences between coconut and palm trees, which will be discussed in this article.

What is Coconut Tree?

The palm tree which grows coconut is known as the coconut tree, as another palm tree can not produce it. The coconut tree produces fruits that are eatable and healthy for the human body. The coconut oil is obtained from the coconut fruits after duly processed. The coconut leaves are very different from other palm trees. Also, its trunk has a different colour and helps one to identify which is the coconut tree.

What is Palm Tree?

The oil extracted from the fruits is the most significant indicator of a palm fruit tree. All palm trees produce palm oils. The palm oil obtained from the palm tree fruits is used in the preparation of meals and also in tropical climates. A lot of palm trees do not bear fruits. Some palm trees also produce fruits like acai, peaches, and dates.

Difference Between Coconut Tree and Palm Tree

The difference between the coconut and palm trees surrounds their oil production, the kind of fruits produced, and little shapes and colour significancies. The palm tree and the coconut tree are both perennial plants. Coconut timbers are used mainly by farmers in the construction of boats. Technically, the palm tree and the coconut tree are said not to be defined as trees, although some societies have found it acceptable to call them trees.

The coconut trunk is different from the palm tree. The coconut trunk has a very smooth texture, while the palm tree has a main scaly trunk. Regarding colour differences, the coconut trunk produces a lighter colour than the palm tree. The palm tree makes a fan-shaped leaf, while the coconut trees grow broad leaves which do not turn into a fan shape. The similarities with their leaves are that they have the same colour and texture, making it difficult to spot the difference.

The oils obtained from these trees derive their names from their respective fruits. This implies that coconut oil derives its name from coconut and palm oil from palm fruits. These oils have similar usage and are also used around the world. Palm oil is consumed mainly by Africans. In terms of price, the palm is more affordable than coconut oil. This is because palm oil is primarily found where other food items are sold. Coconut oil has more health benefits. It can not be easily found like palm oil, thereby causing it to be expensive.