Difference Between Garri and Fufu

Garri and Fufu are the local meals mostly eaten by Africans, especially Nigerians.

Garri and Fufu are the local meals mostly eaten by Africans, especially Nigerians. These duos have differences as they provide different health risks and benefits to our body system. Garri and Fufu are ranked the highest when rated as it is the most affordable and easily accessed. Cassava is the main natural product used in manufacturing garri and Fufu. The soup is incomplete in a complete Nigerian meal without taking it with Fufu or Garri.

This piece is provided to throw more exposure on these foods separately, with their risk, benefits and nutritional values to health.

What is Garri?

Garri is an end product of tubers of cassava. It has so many ways in which it can be consumed. In every Nigerian home, garri is always available. It is a fine, coarse flour made of so many textures which can be taken in raw, soaked in cold water or cooked. It is generally known as eba when prepared or cooked in hot water.

Garri can be white or yellow, depending on whether palm oil was added during the processing. When fried palm oil is added to garri, it contains additional nutrients and becomes rich in vitamins A and C. Garri has been jokingly said to become part of the “first aid box” as it saves a life.

What is Fufu?

Fufu is always white. It is also made from cassava tubers but with different processes. Fufu, just like garri, can be eaten with any soup. Though it is more complex to prepare, unlike garri, it also requires strength to consume it. A lot of people have a preference for Fufu as its texture is very smooth and goes down well with any soup.

Difference Between Garri and Fufu

The Health Benefits

  • Garri is very high in starch. Unlike garri, Fufu tends to be extremely low in cholesterol.
  • Fufu has an increased content of potassium. Garri, on the other hand, as a result of its high fibre content, assists in the digestion of meals. Garri digest very quickly when consumed. It makes you quickly satisfied, thereby stopping you from overeating.
  • Garri is a high source of carbohydrates and is also affordable. Fufu is also very rich in carbohydrates and provides enough energy to the body.

Health Threats

  • Individuals who have health challenges with diabetes pose a high risk when they take in garri. The amount of calories in Fufu is high, which means the intake of too much Fufu will make one fat.
  • Fufu does not digest quickly when taken in. It usually takes more time for it to digest, unlike garri. This poses a threat to indigestion resulting in belly fat. Garri also has high carbohydrate content. The excessive intake of garri may result in storing too many carbohydrates in the body.
  • When the intake of garri is too much, it poses severe threats to eye defects as it is very high in cyanide.