Difference Between Homecoming and Prom

Difference Between Homecoming and Prom

Prom and homecoming are the two most important occasions in the school life of a teenager. These are the periods to fraternize and impress others; these are primarily fellows of the opposite sex. Many girls already own a dress available when they need to be part of these functions on campus. Due to the resemblances between the two kinds of outfits, it is natural for individuals to stay confounded between prom and homecoming. This article takes an observable look at the two processes to liberate this disorder from the minds of the readers.

What is Homecoming?

Homecoming is a beautiful occasion or party arranged by schools, such as colleges and universities, in the fall to receive or welcome back their alums who were a component of the establishment many years ago. There are performances of sports such as football, soccer, basketball, and ice hockey. A dance party assists these performances on this occasion. The dresses used for homecoming are often unique clothing purchased and worn on this special day by the students. The occasion is supposed to be a formal or, possibly best, a semi-formal one in the nation; therefore, the homecoming outfit is similar to those worn by women at a cocktail party. These dresses are shorter than the proper evening frocks. Hence, the choices for the women are instead restricted when it has to do with homecoming outfits, but the vital thing to note is to opt for an outfit that is very comfortable instead of strictly adhering to a dress code. The male usually prefers to put on jackets and ties. During the American football season, universities and educational institutions arrange a sport of football between the school crew and the arch-opponent squad of the school. This occasion is considered prestigious for academic institutions, so its current students and the alums who have passed out in recent years want to be part of the occasion. The word homecoming recollects the facts of past students coming back on the weekend to advocate and elate the crowd.

What is Prom?

Prom is an essential occasion in the lives of high school students. The prom party is held almost the same period as the senior party in schools, which is celebrated during the spring season. A Prom party is often a casual event carried out on a Friday evening before the school term ends. The scholars prepare for this occasion several months in advance. Parents also derived attraction in this occasion as it is obvious from the fundraising that guardians and parents council perform. The significance of this occasion can be gauged from the notion that even seniors acquire enough time to decide on the female they wish to dance with during the prom. They often pay attention to the outfit they want to wear to the event. Prom is primarily about dancing, although snacks and soft beverages are usually served.

Difference Between Homecoming and Prom

  • Prom is a more exciting deal for most girls. On the other hand, homecoming is a situation of dignity for seniors and alums.
  • Homecoming outfit is semi-formal and, however, often more casual than the outfit used for prom.
  • Homecoming dresses are always comfortable as there will be games and sports too.
  • High heel shoes are worn for a prom, while the outfits worn for prom require low-heeled shoes or flat shoes.
  • The outfits used for homecoming are often shorter than those used for prom, which is often floor-length.