Difference Between Honey and Sugar

Difference Between Honey and Sugar

Honey and sugar are not the same when it come to taste, but they are added to meals to make them taste sweet. They have different textures and nutritional values and are both carbohydrates. Since honey and sugar are mostly consumed as sweeteners, it is widely speculated that honey has more health gains. To know more about the differences between honey and sugar, read on!

What is Honey?

Since ancient times, there have been honey and it was used as a sweetener and also as medication. It’s production is from honeybees. These bees get their nectars from flowers, combining it with some enzymes to produce honey. It is a viscous liquid which has different colors. These colors can be straw yellow to dark brown. Honey is said to have more health benefits than sugar.

What is Sugar?

Even though sugar is gotten from natural products such as sugar canes or sugar beets. It requires numerous stages of production before arriving at it’s end product. Sugar is of different types such as raw sugar, powdered sugar, brown sugar, white and muscovado sugar. These sugar has to do with glucose and fructose which is bounded together to form sucrose. Sugar does not have additional ingredients.

Difference Between Honey and Sugar

The significant difference between honey and sugar is its nutritional content. Honey is more nutritious than sugar, its processing procedure is lesser than that of sugar. Generally, honey has content of local pollen with substances like minerals, and amino acids. Sugar does not contain these enzymes thereby causing it to be more difficult to digest. It is widely believed that honey can be used to reduce cough. Administering honey to a patient with cough is better than no treatment. In contrary to honey being used as medication, sugar causes more harm to the human health by increasing the chances of illness which may be as a result of obesity and weight gain, which is associated with high consumption of sugar.

Medically, honey has also been used to manage seasonal allergies. The locally produced honey helps in relieving bitch pollen allergy. It is also used in healing of wounds, burns and ulcers. Sugar increases the levels of glucose in blood more than honey, thereby causing sudden tiredness, difficulty in concentration and headache. It is not a good idea to give honey to infants that are less than 12 months despite their nutritional strength. Honey can cause a life threatening illness known as infant botulism. This botulism is harmless to toddlers and adults. To understand when infant botulism is taking place, one should look out for symptoms like a weak cry, constipation and weakness.

Sugar is lower in cost than honey. Being cheap, it can be accessed easily and it can be preserved for a longer time. Inasmuch as honey is more healthier than sugar, it also has it’s bad effects. The too much intake of honey causes blood sugar problems in healthy people as well, thereby exposing them to risk of type 2 diabetes, weight gain and heart conditions.