Difference Between Temple and Shrine

Difference Between Temple and Shrine

There are some discrepancies between a temple and a shrine in definition, even though they are both holy places. A temple and a shrine both hold spiritual or cultural importance. They do not refer to the same location and can not be swapped. Shrines possess more cultural significance since they are connected to a person who is presumed to be influential or sacred by people. On the contrary, temples are religious locations built for people to conduct rituals that belong to various religions.

What is a Shrine?

A shrine, in Christian terms, is referred to as a church or an altar sacred to a martyr or a divine individual. According to other cultures or religions, it is regarded as a sacred place attached to the vitality or sentiments of a holy man or saints. An instance is the shirdi of India, which is considered the shrine of Shirdi Sai Baba since it was considerably connected with his life and beliefs. After his death, the place became known as a shrine of a divine man. Shrine is usually used to describe a tomb. It can also be known as a place where a holy individual was buried. The phrase “shrine” has a lot of meaning. A casket that is comprised of relics can also be referred to as a shrine.

What is a Temple?

The phrase temple can be described as a sacred place for the devotees of any kind of religion. It is where the disciples of a respective faith accept their abode of God. These disciples usually go to the temple with the idea of having a sight of God. Every religion owns its temple, and this temple varies from one another, such as the structure, the textiles used in the building, the formation, and the myth behind their construction; as the Buddhist temple, it is not done to worship God. Still, instead, it is built to perform aamisa pooja, which assists them in their direction to Nibbana.

Differences Between Shrine and Temple

The shrine and temple do not possess a particular structure scheme. About the temples each religion constructs its temples in its own style. This style will be used all over the world by that particular religion. For instance, the Islamic and Hindu religions own distinctive ways of constructing their temples. Also with churches, they use the same formation all over the world. A casket that includes relics is referred to as a shrine. But temples can not be referred to as casket of relics. Shrine is known as a devoted place for a vital or holy person of culture, mostly to a Saint. A temple, on the other hand, is a place given to religion. It is a place where disciples of religion go to perform their sacrifices. The tombs of notable people are sometimes called shrines, not temples.