Who is Esther Kolawole? See What We Learnt About The Nigerian Wrestler

Esther Kolawole is a Nigerian wrestler who has won multiple medals in her sport. Although she is still young, she has already achieved a great deal of success in her field.

Who Is Esther Kolawole?

Esther Kolawole is a Nigerian wrestler who has won multiple medals in her sport. Although she is still young, she has already achieved a great deal of success in her field.

At the Commonwealth Games held in Birmingham, England in 2022, she competed and earned a bronze medal.

Esther Kolawole is a Nigerian wrestler who competes in the freestyle 62 kilogramme division. Kolawole also represents Nigeria on the international stage.

Esther Kolawole’s birth date is January 4, 2002. She was born in Akure, the Ondo state capital. It is correct to refer to her by her full name, Esther Omolayo Kolawole.

Quick Facts About Esther Kolawole

  • Full Name: Esther Omolayo Kolawole
  • Date of Birth: January 4, 2002
  • Place of Birth: Akure, Ondo State
  • State of Origin: Ondo State, Nigeria
  • Sports: Wrestling
  • Honours: 2 x African Championships Gold (Algiers 2020; Nigeria 2018); 1 x Commonwealth Games Bronze (Birmingham 2022); 1 x World U23 Championships Bronze (Belgrade 2021); 1 x Islamic Solidarity Games Silver (Konya 2021)

What We Know About Esther Kolawole’s Education

Both of Esther Kolawole’s elementary and secondary educations were finished in the state of Ondo where she currently resides. She received her education at the St. Louis Girls Grammar School in Akure, which is located in Ondo State.

Is Esther Kolawole Single or Married?

Esther Kolawole does not appear to be involved in a romantic partnership at this time, judging by the evidence we have at our disposal, and she has not offered any information to suggest that she is.

Is Esther Kolawole Christian or Muslim?

Esther Kolawole has not provided any information that would indicate whether or not she is currently practising her faith as a Christian or a Muslim. Due to the fact that she was given the biblical name Esther, it is reasonable to say that she is a Christian and hails from the state of Ondo, which is located in Southwest Nigeria.

See What We Learnt About Esther Kolawole’s Career

When Esther Kolawole won the gold medal in the 2018 African Youth Games, it marked the beginning of her professional career. In December of 2018, she won the gold medal in the 55 kilogramme freestyle wrestling competition, which earned her the title of national wrestling champion. At the 2018 African Wrestling Championships, which took place in February 2018, Esther Kolawole competed in the 61 kilogramme cadet division. Since she did not dash the dreams of those who had placed their faith in her, she was awarded another gold medal.

Esther Kolawole came out on top once again at the African Wrestling Championships, which were held in Algiers, Algeria, in 2020. She brought home another gold medal.

There was a record of her losses, and the first one occurred in May of 2021. At the World Olympic Qualification Tournament that was held in Sofia, Bulgaria, Esther Kolawole did not advance to the next round of competition for the 2020 Summer Olympics. In the meanwhile, she wrestled at the World Wrestling Championships in Oslo, Norway, in October 2021, competing in the 55 kilogramme weight class for women. However, she was eliminated in her second match.

After being pinned by Kristina Mikhneva in the semi-finals of the competition, the 19-year-old fought back and defeated Patrycja Gil of Poland with a convincing 9-8 victory score.

Esther Kolawole finished in third place during the month of November 2021. During the 2021 Under-23 World Wrestling Championships, which were held in Belgrade, Serbia, Esther Kolawole won one of the bronze medals in the women’s 57 kilogramme freestyle competition.

She competed in the women’s 57 kg category in the Yasar Dogu Tournament in Istanbul, Turkey, in 2022, however she was unable to hold on to her bronze medal.

Esther Kolawole’s performance in the women’s 62 kilogramme competition at the 2022 Commonwealth Games, which were held in Birmingham, England, earned her a bronze medal. During her time in Turkey, she competed in the 57 kilogramme division of the 2021 Islamic Solidarity Games held in Konya. She came away with a silver medal.

Is Esther Kolawole on Social Media?

When we were looking for Esther Kolawole’s social media profiles, we came across a number of results. We discovered that she maintains a Facebook page under the name “Kolawole Esther Omolayo,” which is now active.

What Is Esther Kolawole’s Net Worth?

Because Esther Kolawole is still developing as an athlete, it is impossible for us to definitively state her net worth at this time.