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Who is Johnson Suleman? What You Need To About Controversial Nigerian Televangelist

Johnson Suleman is a well-known televangelist in his home country of Nigeria.

10 Facts About Johnson Suleman

  1. He is a well-known teleevangelist in Nigeria.
  2. He leads Omega Fire Ministries International.
  3. He has a master’s and PhD in human resource management.
  4. Imoudu and Esther Sule are his parents.
  5. His ancestral tribe is Afenmai/Yekhee.
  6. The name of his wife is Lizzy Johnson Suleman.
  7. His mother is a Christian, but his father is a Muslim.
  8. His children are God’s Favour Vannessa, Divine, Love, Mirabel, and Ebenezer Suleman.
  9. He’s said to have dated  Stephanie Otabo & Halima Abubakar.
  10. He has a net worth of $10.5 million.

Who is Johnson Suleman?

Johnson Suleman is a well-known televangelist in his home country of Nigeria. He also serves as the senior pastor and general overseer of Omega Fire Ministries International, a church that has its headquarters in Auchi, which is located in the state of Edo.

Johnson Suleman’s birthdate is March 24, 1971, thus he’s 51 years old. He was born in Etsako West, Edo State, Nigeria. He has settled in the city of Auchi, also in the same state. His dad practices Islam.

Omega Fire Ministries was founded in 2004 after he served as an assistant pastor at the Armor of God Church in Lagos beginning in 1998. When asked who he looked up to the most, Johnson Suleman said it was fellow Nigerian preacher Enoch Adeboye.

Johnson Suleman Early Life

Johnson Suleman’s birthday is March 24, 1971; thus he is 51 years old. He was born in Etsako West, Edo State, Nigeria. He has settled in the city of Auchi, also in the same state. His father, Imoudu Sule, is the current APC leader in Auchi, Edo State, and a Muslim business mogul with a lot of influence in the community. His mom’s name is Esther Sule, and she used to be a police officer and is a Christian.

Johnson Suleman Education

Johnson Suleman received his early education and secondary education at local institutions. After that, he decided to pursue a degree in mass communication at the University of Benin and enrolled there as a freshman. He earned his master’s degree and then his doctorate in human resource management from the same institution.

Johnson Suleman Career

Johnson Suleman, founder of the Omega Fire Ministry, has had a fascinating spiritual journey that must be mentioned in any biography of him. It is believed that certain prophets from Warri came to Johnson Suleman’s house in Benin State not long after his birth.

Johnson Suleman’s parents were purportedly instructed by prophets that their son’s entire life’s mission would be to serve as a minister in the presence of God. Johnson Suleman’s devout Muslim parents were offended by the statement. Therefore, they didn’t take the message seriously and avoided the Warri prophets.

It is stated that Johnson Suleman’s parents became concerned when they saw that he didn’t act like other kids his age. Reports say that even when he accompanied his father to the mosque, he still felt a warm spot for Christians. Johnson Suleman’s conversion to Christianity occurred during the time while he was still in secondary school.

It was reported that Johnson Suleman received a revelation in the year 1994 that detailed the process by which he would launch his own ministry. After he had this revelation, he immediately began serving as an assistant pastor at the Armor of God Church in Lagos, Nigeria.

Johnson Suleman claims that the name of his church comes from a divine revelation that read, “…put an end to affliction; I am sending you with an Omega anointing.” Today, the church maintains a presence in a significant number of nations all over the world.

Johnson Suleman has indicated that Enoch Adeboye and Benson Idahosa, who has since passed away, served as his mentors.

There are more than twenty books by Johnson Suleman. Some of the most well-known titles are as follows: “Accessing Deep Secrets,” “Converting Scripture to Prayers,” “Deep Mystery of Speaking in Tongues,” “From Back Seat to the Front Seat,” “How To Cook Yourself in Prayers,” “Principles Driven Life: Your guide to handling trivial life issues,” and “Your Mother Had an Information for You.”

Johnson Suleman Controversies

Johnson Suleman is one of the Nigerian preachers who rose to celebrity after making provocative statements that angered the authorities. Fearless and opinionated, he was a trending issue in news tabloids. Many of his predictions about the Nigerian government and the world have come true. While many find his forecasts frightening and deceitful, it has given him more fame since many believe him and look forward to his word every year.

One of the most controversial prophesies that Johnson Suleman has ever given, which was announced for the year 2017, became problematic because it was believed that all of the predictions had come true, particularly the ones that involved Nigeria and its leadership.

Johnson Suleman, outraged by the killings of Nigerians by herdsmen, told his security to kill Fulani herders. The pastor, reacting to the massacre of over 7000 Nigerians and a recent threat from the gang about plans to assassinate him, ordered his security people to kill any Fulani herder roaming around his church. The address, as predicted, sparked heated debate, with some applauding his message of self-defense and others, including some government officials, denouncing it as a call to violence. Although former Ekiti state governor Ayodele Fayose successfully thwarted the DSS’s original effort to arrest him due to his comment, the agency eventually invited him to their Abuja office.

It was stated that Johnson Suleman acquired an N40 million home for Daniella Okeke, a Nollywood actress, in 2017. It is believed that the controversial preacher spent a cool N120 million sprucing up the property, which consists of two duplexes, before giving it to the actress as a gift.

Johnson Suleman is also rumored to have been involved in a sexual scandal with singer Stephanie Otabo, who is based in Canada, as well as actress Halima Abubakar, who is also from Nigeria, amongst other women.

Johnson Suleman Assassination Attempt

According to a report in local Nigerian publications, on October 21, 2022, gunmen assaulted the caravan of a prominent Nigerian priest named Johnson Suleman, killing seven persons, including three police officers. The attack reportedly took place near Auchi in Edo State as Johnson Suleman traveled to an unknown destination just hours after his return from a visit to Tanzania.

The attack has been confirmed by Chuidi Nwabuzor, the police spokesman in Edo State. His orderlies and drivers for Johnson Suleman were murdered, he revealed. Six individuals were killed in the attack, according to the authorities. The police spokesman said that one of the attackers was killed by gunfire.

Johnson Suleman, responding to the incident, called it a “assassination attempt,” expressed sorrow for the victims, and predicted that the shooters would “reap the seed they sow.” He also made vague references to “certain things” that had occurred since 2017, which seemed to be allusions to the myriad sex scandals surrounding him.

Johnson Suleman Ethnicity

Afenmai, also known as Yekhee, is Johnson Suleman’s ancestral tribe.

Johnson Suleman Parents

Imoudu Sule and Esther Sule are Johnson Suleman’s parents.

Johnson Suleman Siblings

His younger brother, Emmanuel Suleman, is also in the ministry and is a preacher like him. He lives in South Africa right now. Once we finish our research, we’ll update his siblings’ information.

Johnson Suleman Religion

Johnson Suleman’s father is Muslim and his mother is Christian. He adheres to the Christian faith.

Johnson Suleman Wife

Johnson Suleman’s wife is referred to as Lizzy Johnson Suleman. They’ve been together since 2004.

Johnson Suleman Children

Johnson Suleman is a father to a total of five children: one son and five daughters. His children’s names include God’s Favour Vannessa Johnson Suleman, Divine Johnson Suleman, Love Johnson Suleman, Mirabel Johnson Suleman, and Ebenezer Johnson Suleman. Their mother’s name is Lizzy Johnson Suleman.

Johnson Suleman Social Media

On Facebook, he goes by the account @WeLoveApostleJohnsonSuleman; on Twitter, he uses the handle @APOSTLESULEMAN; and on Instagram, he uses the handle @johnson_suleman_official. Additionally, he publishes videos on YouTube under the alias “Johnson Suleman.”

Johnson Suleman Net Worth

Johnson Suleman is considered to be one of the wealthiest pastors in Nigeria, with a net worth that is believed to be $10.5 million.