Learn More About the Channels and Prices Available on Different DStv Packages in South Africa

DStv Easy View package costs R29 per month and includes 131 channels, including audio and radio stations. This package is available to customers in South Africa.
  • DStv Premium (255 channels) — R839 per month
  • DStv Compact Plus (234 channels) — R549 per month
  • DStv Compact (215 channels) — R429 per month
  • DStv Family (181 channels) — R309 per month
  • DStv Access (156 channels) — R120 per month
  • DStv EasyView (131 channels) — R29 per month

DStv Premium Package in South Africa

In South Africa, the DStv Premium channel provides viewers with the best possible level of entertainment that can be found on the DStv satellite TV service. For R839 each month, you can receive access to 255 TV and audio channels.

This package is at its most useful when paired with additional devices, such as a PVR decoder and Xtraview. And there’s no denying that the cost is out of reach for the vast majority of the people.

There are a lot of different entertainment choices on Premium. There are just too many for just one individual to view all by themselves. Because multiple decoders can be connected to a single subscription with this package, it is ideal for use in commercial settings.

A Premium bouquet is an excellent option for you to consider if you intend to use more than one decoder, most likely in different rooms across your home. You will derive the greatest benefit from your subscription if you have a Premium subscription and make use of the extra-view option.

Subscribers to DStv can use the DStv app to switch between several views of the channel on standalone devices such as tablets, smart TVs, and Android TV boxes. Because of this, multiple users can share a single subscription on several devices and watch various channels at the same time.

DStv Compact Plus Package in South Africa

DStv Compact Plus is available to you for a monthly fee of R549 in South Africa, and gives you access to 234 channels that broadcast entertaining programming around the clock. Another fantastic avenue to explore for entertainment.

This package comes quite close to providing you with the same therapy as the Premium package, which is the greatest therapy package that is currently available. They are still a wonderful deal, despite the fact that they are not nearly as fantastic as the others.

You save money on your monthly subscription with Compact Plus because it provides you with all of the entertainment you require.

In addition to movies, there is a significant amount of content available in the following categories: television series, music, news, and documentaries.

DStv Compact Package in South Africa

The DStv Compact package in South Africa costs R429 and provides access to 215 audio and video channels.

This bouquet is the largest of the three lesser bouquets located below the Compact Package and remains in the center of the park. This plan does not include all of the channels available on DStv; however, it has more alternatives for entertainment than the three lower-tier packages.

DStv offers a wide variety of channel packages. The DStv Compact package is one of the more affordable options, although it does not include all of the available channels. Subscribers should review the channel listings before purchasing the DStv compact package because it is possible that the package does not include all of the channels that the subscribers expect. Paying for more extensive channel packages, such as Premium or Compact Plus, can be the best option.

DStv Family Package in South Africa

The DStv Family package has a price tag of $309 and comes with 181 different audio and video channels in South Africa. DStv Family is comparable to Compact, but it offers less opportunities for enjoyment.

When you require DStv for specific reasons, such as for entertainment or information, or for personal use for the family, the Family Package may be the most suitable choice for you.

This package can be a good choice for you if you have specific requirements (such as a focus on sports, news, or movies, for example). It is incumbent upon you to determine whether or not this channel list is capable of satisfying all of your requirements, as it would not be cost effective to purchase a premium plan if this channel list was adequate.

DStv Access Package in South Africa

One of the best small TV packages that can be purchased in South Africa is called DStv Access. It is available for R120 and offers 156 audio and television channels. There is no better alternative than DStv Access if you are looking for a small package that will cater to all of your entertainment needs.

Some individuals find that they spend more time watching news, documentaries, and other informational channels than they do watching movies and other forms of fantasy entertainment. The DStv Access package and the DStv Family package are two more affordable options than the top plan, both of which include many of those channels.

There will still be a variety of entertainment alternatives available, including movies, music, sporting events, and general entertainment.

DStv EasyView Package in South Africa

The DStv EasyView package in South Africa costs R29 and comes with 131 different audio and video channels to choose from.

The Easyview channels bouquet is the smallest DStv package that is currently offered to South African residents. Additionally, it has the lowest local price for DStv service. You should examine the Easyview channels bouduet’s selection of entertainment options before making a final decision about subscribing to the package.

EasyView can be the ideal choice for you if your requirements for entertainment are rather simple. It has a limited channel lineup, but it’s a good option for folks who require a TV for a specific purpose even though it’s not ideal.