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Learn More About Daniella Peters: What You Need to Know About BBNaija Star & Actress

Daniella is an actress, entrepreneur, spoken word artist, and content creator, in addition to being a reality TV star. Her complete name is Daniella Utangbe Juli Peters.

Daniella is an actress, entrepreneur, spoken word artist, and content creator, in addition to being a reality TV star. Her complete name is Daniella Utangbe Juli Peters.

Quick Facts About Daniella Peters

  • Full Name – Daniella Utangbe Juli Peters
  • Born – September 27, 1999
  • Place of Birth – Cross River, Nigeria
  • Nationality – Nigerian
  • Occupation – Actress, TV Personality
  • Siblings – Daniel Atabi Suleiman Peters, Roosevelt Aruku Peters, Immanuella Peters
  • Net Worth – US$15,000

Daniella Peters is more commonly referred to simply as Daniella. Daniella Utangbe Juli Peters is her full name, and she was born on September 27th, 1999.

Daniella Peters, who is 22 years old and has a dark complexion, resides in the home that she shares with her family in Abuja. She is stunning, and she participated in the reality show Big Brother Naija as a contestant. Daniella Peters maintains a home office in Abuja, but she is occasionally required to be in Lagos for work. When this happens, she commutes there. She is dedicated to helping others and has volunteered her time for a variety of charitable organizations.

She lost her father when she was young, and since then, she has volunteered her time to help feed those who are homeless and incarcerated, in addition to volunteering at orphanages. Because she is one of a kind, her followers adore her. The Big Brother Naija contestant Daniella Peters does not have a husband, and she has not mentioned having a boyfriend during her time there. However, she does have a fanbase that goes by the name Dynamites.

After completing her education at the university, Daniella Peters shot to fame when she was cast in a number of films produced in the Nigerian film industry. Daniella made a commitment to herself when she was a young adult that she would use her talents to become successful in the entertainment industry. During her time as an undergraduate student at the university, she appeared in a number of short films, both as the main character and in supporting roles. In addition, Daniella has performed in plays on stage in both the Benin Republic and Nigeria. She has had some success in some of the low-budget films that she has been cast in, and she has been fortunate in some of those films. While some of the films have already been made available to the public, post-production work is still being done on others.

Daniella Peters is a fantastic poet who has competed in spoken word poetry competitions in Nigeria, where she has performed some of her work. In addition to acting, she dabbles in a few other artistic mediums. She has posted audio recordings of some of her spoken words and poems that she has written on her various social media platforms. Her friends and followers gave the videos a lot of attention, including positive reviews, when they watched them.

In addition, Daniella Peters has built a career for herself as a content creator by putting her writing skills to use. She has started a logistics company in Cotonou called D’errandz, in addition to working as a freelancer in Nigeria for a variety of different brands. Her company is recognized as one of the most successful logistics businesses in the city.

In 2022, she participated in the seventh season of Big Brother Naija and became a Reality TV Star. She is the founder and current CEO of the logistics company D’errandz.

Mrs. and Mr. Peters welcomed their daughter Daniella into the world on September 27, 1999. She was given the name Daniella Utangbe Juli Peters at birth, and she is a member of the Peters family. Albinism can be found in her brother. He and his sister, Daniella, were born as twins in the same hospital.

Daniella Peters and her twin brother, Daniel Atabi Suleiman Peters, as well as two other siblings, Roosevelt Aruku Peters and Immanuella Peters, were all born and raised in the Federal Capital Territory of Abuja, Nigeria. Daniella also has an older brother named Roosevelt Aruku Peters and a younger sister named Immanuella Peters. Their parents brought them up to believe in and practice Christianity.

She hails from the southern region of the country, more specifically the state of Cross River. She participated in the school’s drama and literary clubs back when she was a senior in high school, demonstrating that she possesses a wide range of creative abilities.

While she was in high school, Daniella Peters spent her free time participating in debate competitions and theater plays. In addition, she wrote creatively in her spare time.

Daniella Peters received her primary and secondary education from a prestigious private institution, from which she graduated in 2015 with high honors. After that, she received her secondary education at the Word of Faith Group of Schools, which are situated in Abuja, Nigeria. After that, she went on to complete her education at EPS La Cite University in Cotonou, which is located in the Republic of Benin.

Since it was revealed that Daniella Peters would be a housemate on Big Brother Naija, she has gained a significant number of followers on various social media platforms. Her Twitter handle is @DaniellaPetersU, while her Instagram account is @daniellapeters official. Her Facebook name is Daniella Peters Official.

Daniella Peters has a net worth of $15,000.