End Of The Road: 5 Reasons You Should Have This Movie On Your List

End of the Road is an example of a high-octane, suspenseful film. The outdoor road trip that Brenda, her brother Reggie, and her two children take quickly devolves into a living hell on the highway.

About The Movie “End Of The Road”

“End of the Road” is an example of a high-octane, suspenseful film.

The outdoor road trip that Brenda, her brother Reggie, and her two children take quickly devolves into a living hell on the highway.

After witnessing a gruesome murder and discovering a big amount of cash, the family became the target of an unknown murderer.

With no one to turn to and no way to get her family out of the New Mexico desert alive, Brenda is forced to engage in a deadly conflict.

Cast Of The Movie “End Of The Road”

These are the list of those who acted in the movie.

Queen Latifah

The role of Brenda was played by Queen Latifah.


Actor Chris Bridges, known Ludacris, played Reggie.

Mychala Lee

Playing Kelly was Mychala Lee (real name: Mychala Faith Lee).

Shaun Dixon

Cam was portrayed by Shaun Dixon.

Beau Bridges

Beau Bridges played the role of Hammers.

Frances Lee McCain

Actress Frances Lee McCain played Val.

Jesse Luken

Ruck was played by Jesse Luken.

Tabatha Shaun

Tabatha Shaun played the role of Shelby.

Jasper Keen

As the Passenger Dude, Jasper Keen delivered.

Micah McNeil

As “Driver Dude,” Micah McNeil starred.

Paul Blott

Paul Blott held the position of G&G Clerk.

Efrain Villa

The role of Ochoa was played by Efrain Villa.

Rachel Michaela

For the role of Lucky 13’s Waitress, Rachel Michaela was cast.

Keith Jardine

In this movie, Keith Jardine portrayed Mace.

Tim Stafford

Tim Stafford played the role of Ringerman.

Travis Hammer

Skinny’s performance was given by Travis Hammer.

James Moontasri

James Moontasri filled the role of Sheriff.

Michael Anthony

Actor Michael Anthony (real name: Michael Anthony Hendrix) played the role of Jake.

Phuong Kubacki

Cashier duties were handled by Phuong Kubacki.

Rio Alexander

In the role of Grumpy Old Man, Rio Alexander delivered a convincing performance.

Aaron Valentine

As Zach, Aaron Valentine was fantastic.

Hyla Rayne Fontenot

Hyla Rayne Fontenot portrayed Kelly at age 8 as her character.

James David Wilkinson

Three-year-old Cam was played by James David Wilkinson.

Dawn Lura

At the Big T, Dawn Lura was the waitress.

Algin Mendez

Big Mexican was portrayed by actor Algin Mendez (also known as Algin “Ace” Mendez).

Dwight Jones

Helicopter pilot duties were handled by Dwight Jones.

Ruben Barela

In an uncredited role, Ruben Barela played an Arizona state trooper.

James Blackburn

James Blackburn played Gunfighter, but he was not credited.

Rob Estrada

Without receiving any recognition for his work, Rob Estrada played an Arizona State Trooper.

Yvette Fazio-Delaney

Yvette Fazio-Delaney played a gas station worker but received no acting credit for her work.

Andrea Good

Without proper credit, Andrea Good played the part of a tourist in Western Town.

Ivan Lee Holmes

Without his name on the credits, Ivan Lee Holmes played a party guest.

Michael Lemert

Michael Lemert, who did not receive proper credit for his work as Forensic Photographer, did this work.

J. Nathan Simmons

Western Town Tourist was played by J. Nathan Simmons, who was not credited for his role.

Haven Tomlin

Although Haven Tomlin played the role of Western Town Kid, she received no credit for her work.

5 Reasons Why You Should Watch The Movie “End Of The Road”

1. This Movie Is A New Release

Simply for this reason, you should watch this movie so that you can be as current as everyone else. The premiere of the film was on September 9th, 2022.

2. A Genre Worth The Watch And Hype

The question that might be asked is, “What kind of movie is this?” The film “End of the Road” is more accurately classified as a Mystery or Thriller. It has a really strong air of mystery and intrigue about it.

3. Good Storyline

This movie contains everything that is necessary for it to be considered the best movie ever made. Beginning with the movie’s description and continuing all the way through its conclusion, it has the right amount of suspense to keep you watching.

4. Rotten Tomatoes And Netflix Movie

Both the Rotten Tomato movie production and Netflix have a lot of devoted followers among the people I know. Then you should take into consideration the fact that this movie is available on both Netflix and Rotten Tomatoes as a piece of excellent news for you personally.

5. Your Favorite Actor Is In The Movie

If there is someone in the cast who you consider to be your favourite actor or actress, you will get the opportunity to see them again by viewing this movie. Who knows, maybe one of the cast members may have a character role that will blow your mind.

The Movie Plot and Review Explained

For the role of Brenda, the talented Queen Latifah is cast. After the untimely passing of her husband, the woman decided to relocate, taking her children and her brother Reggie (Ludacris) on a cross-country road journey. Sadly, she frets more than extended rounds of I-Spy and disappearing Sandwiches, and her family runs into difficulties en route.

When Breda’s daughter flirts with two prejudiced peasants, the trouble starts for Breda. When Brenda and her family continue down the road, the hitmen catch up with them and force her to act humiliatingly in front of the men. The real trouble started when they checked into the motel and heard noises from the room next door. Brenda and Reggie heard a gunshot and went to investigate, where they discovered a man slumped against the wall, apparently dead. Brenda, on the other hand, made an effort to help the man, but Reggie made a stupid decision and took some money from the washroom.

When Mr. Cross, a mafia boss, discovers that his money is missing, he will send a hit man after Brenda and her family. The film then shifts from one suspenseful situation to the next till Mr. Cross is finally exposed.

A thrilling game of cat and mouse might unfold in this film’s narrative. The movie, sadly, doesn’t live up to its promising premise. Although the actors gave solid performances, the script let them down. The tale is competent enough, focusing on the instability of the family. The family is written as believable people, and the dialogues feel genuine.

Once we learn what drives Mr. Crosses, the movie shifts towards the genre of the criminal thriller, even though the identity of the villain is quite predictable.

There’s a rousing moment in the sequence, and it was a good time all around.

“End Of The Road” Movie End Explained

This is a rundown of everything that occurred up until the climax.

In the lobby of the Sunset Motel, Brenda and her family have just checked in. Ruck has successfully double-crossed Mr. Cross and now has a large sum of money in his possession.

A gunshot is heard by Brenda and her family, followed by noise coming from Ruck’s bedroom. They quickly checked and discovered that Ruck had been shot. Brenda sprints over to help him, and Reggie unearths a money bag. Poor Ruck, he just passed away. To report the crime, they contacted the authorities.

After reporting their findings, they continued their trip.

After Captain Hammers has arrived, he calls Brenda back for further interrogation, but she maintains her refusal to admit she has told the police everything. Brenda was contacted by a voice modulator caller who claimed to be from an unknown party requesting the return of the cash. Reggie then admitted to Brenda that he had taken the money in order to assist her.

Shortly after finding the cash, Brenda recognises it rightfully belongs to Mr. Cross, so she transports it to a different motel and contacts him to come and get it. Some thugs took the money afterward. Cross kidnaps Cam and orders Brenda to retrieve the money because he never got it. Out of desperation, she pursues the Neo Nazi gangsters and succeeds in rescuing the cash. When Hammers finds Kelly and Reggie, he offers to shelter them at his house temporarily. Without thinking, he brazenly introduces them to his wife, Val (Frances McCain).

Nonetheless, he goes to the trunk of his car and shows Cam that he is restrained.

Hammers is Mr. Cross, you heard that right. He is the one who murdered Ruck, and the money belongs to him. He threatened to start killing Brenda’s entire family until she brought it to him.

After learning where Hammers and Cross live, Brenda sets out to visit them. Tied in the basement, Reggie, Kelly, and Cam try to escape through a window but are stopped by Cross’s dog. They used bleach to clean the panel at the top of the stairs. With some deception, they managed to position Cross directly beneath it. After Cross has his eyes burned by bleach, Cam avoids it and they run out of the basement of the base.

After Val initiates a heated exchange, Reggie, Kelly, and Cam take control of the situation and confine Val to the basement. Brenda came to their rescue, but Reggie insisted that they keep the money and use it to escape; Brenda was unmoved. Along the way, she loses the cash. As soon as they were all buckled up, she took off.

As the door is being blocked, Cross smashes through it. Once Val and Cross had the money, they went after Brenda and her family, leading to a chaotic car pursuit. Val and Cross were both killed when Brenda tricked them into crashing into a tree. The hero is driving while terrified yet alive.

Reggie admits to Brenda the next day that he and Kelly took some cash from Cross’s bag, and Brenda proposes they give it back; however, Reggie, Kelly, and Cam all rightly point out that there is no one left to whom they can give the money. Brenda reconsidered, and ultimately decided to use the money to fix the family’s money woes.