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Who is Seun Egbegbe? All You Need To Know About Yoruba Film Producer

Seun Egbegbe is a Nigerian moviemaker and marketer. The position he holds at Ebony Films and Records Production International is that of general manager.

10 Facts About Seun Egbegbe

  1. He is a film producer and distributor from Nigeria.
  2. He started the Ebony Films company.
  3. He was detained in 2016 for stealing iPhones.
  4. He was again arrested in 2017 for stealing from BDCs.
  5. He was born on May 31, 1976, and is now 46.
  6. He was well-known in the Yoruba movie industry.
  7. He became a born-again Christian while he was in jail.
  8. His girlfriend delivered a baby girl in 2017.
  9. He once dated well-known actress Toyin Abraham.
  10. His ancestry comes from Yoruba in Nigeria.

Who is Seun Egbegbe?

Seun Egbegbe is a Nigerian moviemaker and marketer. The position he holds at Ebony Films and Records Production International is that of general manager.

Abeokuta, which is the capital of Ogun state, is where he was born on May 31st, 1976. Kazeem Oluwaseun Olasunkanmi, or more formally Oluwaseun Olajide Olasunkanmi, is his full name. He is known by the moniker Egbegbe. In the local Yoruba film business, he enjoyed a great deal of notoriety.

On November 22, 2016, a mob surrounded Seun Egbegbe at the Computer Village in Ikeja, Lagos State, for reportedly stealing nine iPhones from a shop in the neighborhood. The incident occurred because of allegations that he had committed the theft. According to what he allegedly told the law enforcement officers who were investigating the event, he had no intention of stealing the phones and had only stepped into his vehicle to retrieve some money when the sales boy triggered the alarm.

From what we were able to piece together at the time, Seun Egbegbe had entered the store about 10 a.m. on the day of the incident and informed the salesboy he encountered there that he was there to purchase many iPhones. It was reported that he departed the store with the phones after informing the seller that he needed to get money from his car. According to reports, three other people were also riding in the vehicle.

But when Seun Egbegbe allegedly tried to escape in the waiting vehicle without paying for the phones, the sales lad sounded the alarm, and other merchants in the vicinity stopped the vehicle and hauled him out. It was stated that he was beaten so badly that he was reduced to a pulp, and as a result, he was turned over to the police.

In February of 2017, Seun Egbegbe was taken into custody once more after he was accused of attempting to swindle a Bureau De Change (BDC) operator in the Gbagada area of Lagos of the sum of N10 million. It had been less than two months after he had been taken into custody and held in Kirikiri Prisons in connection with the theft of mobile phones valued at N2.4 million earlier stated in the narrative.

It has been reported that he and some of his associates went to the BDCs with the intention of exchanging some dollars for naira. This information comes from an eyewitness who asked to remain anonymous. He made an attempt to defraud the BDC operators, who then alerted the other operators, who proceeded to beat him severely before handing him over to the authorities for further investigation.

It has been learned that Seun Egbegbe lied to the BDC operators, telling them he was a doctor at the Gbagada General Hospital and instructing them to come to his office to collect the N10 million equivalent in dollars. The operator, who was not persuaded by his assertion, asked him to identify himself. However, he did not comply with this request, which compelled the operator to sound the alert.

On February 10, 2017, Seun Egbegbe was remanded to prison on charges that he had stolen money from at least 40 bureaus de change in various locations of Lagos between 2015 and 2017. The police charged him with multiple counts of fraud involving a total of N39,098,100, as well as $90,000 and £12,550, and he was arraigned.

Segun Egbegbe and Oyekan Ayomide were initially charged with 36 counts of advance fee fraud before Justice Oluremi Oguntoyinbo on February 10, 2017. After that, the charge sheet was changed twice, and eventually the number of counts was raised all the way up to 40. Additionally, three other defendants named Lawal Kareem, Olalekan Yusuf, and Muyideen Shoyombo were added.

After serving more than six years behind bars, Seun Egbegbe was finally granted his freedom on October 11, 2022. Justice Oluremi Oguntoyinbo ruled that 43 of the 44 counts against the defendant should be dismissed since there were insufficient witnesses to back up their assertions. However, he was only found guilty of one count, which was Count 19, and he was given a sentence of seven years in jail for it. However, the judge approved his release because he had already spent six years and eight months in prison.

Seun Egbegbe Early Life

Seun Egbegbe was born into a Yoruba Muslim family on May 31st, 1976 in the city of Abeokuta, which is the capital of the state of Ogun. His upbringing was rooted in the Southwest Nigerian culture that is traditionally observed there. Not much is known about his background or upbringing.

Seun Egbegbe Education

He completed his high schooling at Jubril Martin and received his certificate in the year 1996. After graduating from high school in 2004, he continued his education at the University of Ilorin.

Seun Egbegbe Career

Seun Egbegbe is a Yoruba film producer who has won multiple awards. He was involved in the production and direction of a large number of films, far too many to include here.

Seun Egbegbe Ethnicity

Seun Egbegbe hails from Southwest Nigeria and is of Yoruba descent.

Seun Egbegbe Parents

The only thing we know for sure is that after being released from prison, Seun Egbegbe recently paid a visit to his mother in Abeokuta.


Seun Egbegbe Siblings

More information on Seun Egbegbe’s family members is still being compiled. When we’ve finished looking into the matter, this section will be revised accordingly.

Seun Egbegbe Religion

A family of Muslims raised Seun Egbegbe. At an interview from 2016, he introduced himself as Alhaji Kazeem Oluwaseun Olasunkanmi, which indicates that he has completed the lassar hajj in Mecca and assumed the title Alhaji. But upon his release from prison, where he had spent nearly seven years, he declared himself a born-again Christian. An online video showed him attending a church on a Sunday morning. According to the available evidence, Seun Egbegbe has converted to Christianity.

Seun Egbegbe Relationship

Toyin Abraham, a famous actress in Nigeria, was a former girlfriend of Seun Egbegbe. Before he was arrested and sent to prison in 2017, he dated someone by the name of Onyenike. Given that he has spent the better part of the previous seven years behind bars, we have no idea if he is still in contact with his ex-girlfriend, Onyenike.

Seun Egbegbe Children

Seun Egbegbe’s then-girlfriend, Onyenike, gave birth to a daughter in 2017 while he was doing time in prison.

Seun Egbegbe Social Media

On Instagram, Seun Egbegbe posts under the account @realseunegbegbe. You can find him there.

Seun Egbegbe Net Worth

Due to the fact that Seun Egbegbe has been incarcerated for the past seven years in Lagos, we do not believe that he has any kind of net worth at this time.