Who is Amanda Azubuike? Meet Nigerian-Born Female US Army Brigadier General

Amanda Azubuike has been recently promoted to Brigadier General rank in the United States Army. She is of Igbo ancestry in Southeast Nigeria.

Key Facts About Amanda Azubuike

  • Amanda Azubuike is a senior US army officer.
  • She was was born in London, England.
  • She is of Igbo ancestry.
  • Her mother was Zimbabwean.
  • Her father was Nigerian.
  • She is a Brigadier General in US Army.
  • She has a sister named Fiona.
  • She is a Christian.
  • She’s on all popular social networks.

Who is Amanda Azubuike?

Amanda Azubuike is a member of the United States Army and is of Nigerian heritage. She was born to Nigerian and Zimbabwean parents in London, England. In 1994, she enlisted in the United States Army and went on to complete the Army Aviation Officer Basic Course, qualifying her for the position of aviator.

Amanda Azubuike is now a Brigadier General in the American armed forces. She comes from the Igbo ethnic group that is located in Southeast Nigeria.

Amanda Azubuike Early Life

Amanda Azubuike was born to a father from Nigeria and a mother from Zimbabwe in London, England. We are still in the process of gathering information on her early life, but will have more to share soon.

Amanda Azubuike Education

Amanda Azubuike received her bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Central Arkansas in December 1993. After graduating from the UH-1 pilot program at Hunter Army Airfield in Georgia in 1995, she began her military career with the 924th Aviation Support Battalion.

She went to Georgetown University and earned a Master of Professional Studies degree with a concentration in public relations and corporate communications.

She joined the 3rd Military Intelligence Battalion in South Korea after completing the Military Intelligence Captain’s Career Course and the Fixed Wing Multi-Engine Qualification Course.

After completing the Public Affairs Officer Qualification Course in July 2005, Amanda Azubuike served in Kuwait with the Coalition Forces Land Component Command until June 2006.

Amanda Azubuike Career

Amanda Azubuike worked as the Chief of Media Relations and Public Affairs Operations Officer at the U.S. Army Central Command Headquarters in Fort McPherson, Georgia.

She also held a position in the Community Outreach Division of the Office of the Chief of Public Affairs at the Pentagon.

She was the Senior Military Assistant to the Principal Deputy, Office of the Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon and the Chief of Public Affairs for U.S. Southern Command Headquarters in Doral, Florida.

Amanda Azubuike has been stationed in Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, and Bagram, Afghanistan, as part of operational deployments in support of Operations Iraqi Freedom, New Dawn, and Enduring Freedom.

Amanda Azubuike has been awarded the Defense Superior Service Medal, Defense Meritorious Service Medal, Joint Service Commendation Medal, Army Commendation Medal, and Army Achievement Medal, among other decorations.

After more than 28 years of service in the United States Army, Amanda Azubuike was given a promotion in October 2023 that allowed her to become a Brigadier General.

Amanda Azubuike Ethnicity

Amanda Azubuike comes from Igbo descent, which is found in Southeast Nigeria.

Amanda Azubuike Parents

The parents of Amanda Azubuike were of Nigerian and Zimbabwean descent respectively. According to Amanda Azubuike, both of them have since passed away.

Amanda Azubuike Siblings

Fiona is the name of Amanda Azubuike’s sister.

Amanda Azubuike Religion

Amanda Azubuike identifies herself as a member of the Christian faith.

Amanda Azubuike Relationship

At this time, we do not have any information regarding the relationship status of Amanda Azubuike.

Amanda Azubuike Children

There is no information that is currently available regarding Amanda Azubuike’s children.

Amanda Azubuike Social Media

On Twitter, Amanda Azubuike used the name @AmandaAzubuike to identify herself to followers. Additionally, you can find her on Facebook under the account @amanda.azubuike. She also has an Instagram account, which she uses the handle @azubuike_ig for.

Amanda Azubuike Net Worth

The amount of money that Amanda Azubuike has in her net worth is currently unknown.