Central African Republic 2013 Constitution


The Representatives of the driving forces of the Nation, gathered within the National Transition Council (NTC);

Considering the political changes of March 24th 2013 that led to the suspension of the Constitution of December 27th 2004 and the dissolution of the Republican Institutions;

Considering the necessity of determining and fixing the operating rules of the State for the Transition period;

Conscious that the foundations of peace and national unity are made solely of tolerance and dialogue;

Reiterate their full accession to the Libreville Agreements of January 11th 2013, to the decisions of the third and fourth extraordinary enlarged summits of Heads of State and Governments of the ECCAS of April 3rd to 18th 2013, as well as those of the Committee on the Implementation of the Libreville Agreements and the International Contact Group on the Central African Republic of May 2nd and 3rd 2013 and engage the State as well as all of the relevant stakeholders to respect them scrupulously;

Reassert their determination of building a State of law and a democratic nation for the reestablishment of the constitutional order;

Reassert their unwavering opposition to the conquest of power by force and to all forms of dictatorship and oppression, as well as all acts of division or incitement to hatred;

Reassert their determination to cooperate peacefully and in friendship with all States, to work for the African Union in accordance with the Constitutive Act adopted on July 12th 2000, to promote the peaceful resolution of disagreements between States in respect for Justice, Equality, Liberty and the sovereignty of people;

Reassert their accession to the Charter of the United Nations, to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of December 10th 1948, to the International Covenants of December 16th 1966 on economic, social and cultural rights on the one hand, and on civil and political rights on the other;

Reassert their commitment to the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights of June 27th 1981;

Reassert their accession to all the international Conventions duly ratified, in particular those relative to the prohibition of any form of discrimination against women and those relative to the protection of children’s rights.