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Learn More About Dotun Oloniyo: What You Need to Know About Nigerian Model & BBNaija Star

Dotun is a Nigerian entrepreneur who is also a medical laboratory scientist, a model, and a digital developer. He possesses a wide range of skills.

Dotun is a Nigerian entrepreneur who is also a medical laboratory scientist, a model, and a digital developer. He possesses a wide range of skills.

Oladotun Mofiyinfoluwa Oloniyo is the name that he was given at birth. His birthday is June 22nd, 1996, and he was born in Lagos, Nigeria.

Quick Facts About Dotun Oloniyo

  • Full Name — Oladotun Mofiyinfoluwa Oloniyo
  • Born — June, 22 1996
  • Place of Birth — Lagos, Nigeria
  • State Of Origin — Ekiti State
  • Height — 5.97 feet
  • Net Worth — US$35,000

As a developer of content, he has established a name for himself in the fields of fitness, fashion, and lifestyle. Dotun shot to fame after being presented as a reality TV star on the Big Brother Naija show on the 23rd of July 2023. This event served as the catalyst for Dotun’s meteoric rise to fame. His devoted followers are affectionately known as Dominators.

Dotun’s career as a professional model was a hugely successful one for him. He has modelled for a variety of fashion and lifestyle brands over the course of his career. Dotun lives in a prestigious neighbourhood on the Mainland side of Lagos City in Nigeria. He has a luxurious automobile and resides in a rented luxury apartment building with concierge services.

Is Dotun Oloniyo Married or Single?

Dotun Oloniyo does not have a spouse, children, or a significant other.

The Reality TV Star, who is now 26 years old, stands at an impressive height of 6 feet, has fair skin, and maintains an athletic body build. His good looks have garnered him the admiration of a large number of both female and male fans.

What is Dotun Oloniyo’s Ethnicity?

Dotun Oloniyo entered the world on June 22, 1996, joining his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Oloniyo, as a member of their family. In addition to being a member of the Yoruba ethnic group, he is a native of the state of Ekiti. He was born and raised in the Lagos metropolis. In order to further his education, he decided to spend some of his early adulthood living in the historic city of Ibadan. During Oloniyo’s boyhood, he and his family travelled to Ekiti on numerous occasions to see his ancestral house. He has a younger brother who goes by the name of Joel Oloniyo.

Ikorodu City, located on the Mainland of Lagos, was his childhood home, hence he is a true-blue Lagosian through and through. Dotun is able to write in both English and Yoruba, in addition to being proficient in both languages verbally.

Is Dotun Oloniyo Educated? Which Schools Did He Attend?

Dotun Oloniyo received his elementary school education in Ikorodu at a reputable and highly regarded nursery and primary school that is privately owned and operated.

He received his high school certification in 2012 after completing his studies at Babington Macaulay Junior Seminary (BMJS), which is located in Ikorodu.

Dotun Oloniyo attended the University of Ibadan and graduated with a degree there. In 2018, he received his degree from the institution.

What Was Dotun Oloniyo Doing Before BBNaija?

Dotun Oloniyo is a multifaceted professional who juggles a number of different responsibilities. His employment experience and skills span a wide variety of sectors, including medicine, modelling, content production, digital marketing, fitness, and fashion respectively. He holds a valid certification in the field of medical laboratory science.

In the year 2020, he launched his career as a social media manager and social media marketing specialist working independently, having previously earned qualifications in both social media management and social media marketing. Because of this, he was able to continue his work from the comfort of his own house throughout the first few days of the lockdown caused by the Covid-19 Pandemic. He made his services available to companies that were based in Nigeria.

Dotun has established himself as a successful digital creator and has developed a powerful brand on social media. He is a highly influential figure on social media in the fields of health and fitness, fashion, and lifestyle. In the year 2022, he made the decision to advance his profession in the creative and entertainment industries to a higher level. In order to accomplish this objective, he made the decision to compete in reality television shows.

In May of 2022, he took part in the Big Brother Naija show’s audition process for the seventh season of the competition. Due to his outstanding performance at the auditions, he was chosen to be one of the housemates who would be moving on to the next round of Big Brother. On July 23rd, 2022, BBNaija Dotun Oloniyo was presented to the viewers of the show for the first time.

What is Dotun Oloniyo’s Net Worth?

Dotun Oloniyo is currently working as a social media marketer, model, and digital developer, which has allowed him to establish several streams of revenue. It is believed that he has a net worth of 35,000 United States dollars.