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Who is Eloswag? Learn More About Popular Disc Jockey & BBNaija Star

Eloswag is a creative personality from Nigeria who possesses a wide range of artistic abilities. He has worked as a music artist, disc jockey, dancer, video editor, content developer, and vlogger, and he is an influential figure on social media.

Eloswag is a creative personality from Nigeria who possesses a wide range of artistic abilities. He has worked as a music artist, disc jockey, dancer, video editor, content developer, and vlogger, and he is an influential figure on social media.

Quick Facts About Eloswag

  • Full Name: Eloka Paul Nwamu
  • Born: June 24, 1994
  • Place of Birth: Lagos, Nigeria
  • State Of Origin: Delta State
  • Height: 5.58 feet
  • Net Worth: US$30,000

Who is Eloswag?

His full name is Eloka Paul Nwamu, but he goes by the name Eloswag. His birthday is June 24th, 1994, and he was born in Lagos, Nigeria.

Eloswag is currently competing in the seventh season of the Big Brother Naija Show. During this season of the Big Brother Show, which is called the Level Up Edition, there are a total of 28 housemates who are vying for the top spot. He is one of those housemates.

While competing on the Big Brother Naija Show, Eloswag established himself as a natural entertainer and gained a reputation for being full of energy and passion.

Eloswag realized at an early age that he has a wide range of skills and abilities. He has a natural talent for dancing, and he has wowed many both in his community and at his school with his exuberant dance routines.

When Eloswag was younger, he participated in and won a number of dancing competitions, and he also joined a few dance groups.

Where is Eloswag’s Hometown in Nigeria?

Eloswag is a native of Delta State, which is located in the South-South region of Nigeria. He was raised in a Christian family, which instilled in him a reverence for God and a respect for right and wrong. He is the oldest sibling of the family’s other children, all of whom are younger.

King Of Vibez is an alias that is also used to refer to Eloswag. In addition to dancing and running a YouTube channel, he also occasionally works as a model. In the past, he has landed some modeling jobs for himself.

The young man is strikingly good-looking and has a deep, rich complexion. He is really tall and his build is quite lean. Because of his charming appearance, he has a large number of female fans.

How Did Eloswag Get His Education?

Eloswag received his early education in Lagos, Nigeria, in a prestigious nursery and primary school that was privately owned and operated. His secondary schooling was completed at Pythagoras College, when he was a student there. In 2010, he received his high school certificate after earning satisfactory marks on his SSCE.

Eloswag attended Wisconsin International University College in Ghana and graduated with a degree there. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from the university. Additionally, Eloswag attended the Blowbang School of Music for his musical education.

What You Should Know About Eloswag’s Career

During his teenage years, Eloswag focused a lot of his time and energy on developing his dancing skills. He dedicated a significant amount of time and effort each day to the study and practice of new dance moves. During his time as an undergraduate, he took part in a number of dance competitions and talent events.

Eloswag made the decision to start a YouTube account in order to help further the development of his dancing career. In 2013, he initiated the publication of dancing videos on his channel. Because of the popularity of his videos, he was able to significantly increase the number of people who subscribed to the channel in a relatively short period of time. He also became a dance instructor, and he produced videos online in which he demonstrated hip-hop and other contemporary dance routines for his audience.

Eloswag is a young musician that is just starting off. He has released few tracks that have been regarded favorably in the underground music culture of Lagos. He is a professional disc jockey. He is responsible for the creation of several song mixes, which he has used to excite a large number of music enthusiasts in Nigeria. He has been hired to play at a variety of events all throughout the country by both public and private clientele.

Eloswag is a seasoned professional in the field of content creation. He has utilized his skills as a video editor to produce a large number of video materials that have achieved widespread popularity on the internet. As a result of the hype that his videos generated, he has become an influential figure on social media.

Eloswag’s career took a significant step forward in July 2022 when he was chosen to participate in the Level Up Edition of the Big Brother Naija Show as a housemate. This achievement represents a significant milestone for Eloswag. Eloswag has become a well-known figure in the Nigerian entertainment business as a direct result of his participation in the reality show, which is now in its seventh season.

Is Eloswag Single or Married? Is He in a Relationship?

The relationship status of Eloswag has not yet been determined. Even though he is not married and does not have any children, he is romantically related to one of the other housemates on the Big Brother Naija show. He lives on the part of Lagos City that is on the mainland.

Is Eloswag Active on Social Media?

BBNaija has gained thousands of followers across various social media platforms, many of whom are engaged with the stuff he shares. Since he appeared on the Big Brother Naija Show, the number of people that follow him has been steadily climbing higher.

He currently has more than 52,200 people following him on Instagram (@eloswag). In addition to that, he operates a Twitter account (@eloswager) and a YouTube channel (Eloswag).

What is The Net Worth of Eloswag?

Eloswag is able to put food on the table thanks to his dancing, vlogging, and content creation careers. It is believed that Eloswag has a net worth of thirty thousand dollars (US).