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Who is Eruani Godbless? Learn More About Erudite Nigerian Business Mogul

Eruani Godbless is a business mogul and owner of the Azikel Group in Nigeria. He is worth billions of dollars. He is a medical practitioner who has gained exceptional skills in a variety of fields, including aviation, business, and medicine.

10 Facts About Eruani Godbless

  1. He is the head of the Azikel Group, a powerful Nigerian conglomerate.
  2. He’s an expert in aviation, business, and medicine.
  3. He earned his medical degree from the University of Port Harcourt.
  4. He started in industrial medicine at Nigerian Agip Oil.
  5. He’s a fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians.
  6. Eruani Godbless is a Christian.
  7. His parents are Rachael and Allwell Eruani.
  8. Eruani Godbless was Melford Okilo’s chief physician.
  9. His ancestry can be traced back to the Ijaw people.
  10. He was Bayelsa’s health commissioner.

Who is Eruani Godbless?

Eruani Godbless is a business mogul and owner of the Azikel Group in Nigeria. He is worth billions of dollars. He is a medical practitioner who has gained exceptional skills in a variety of fields, including aviation, business, and medicine. Additionally, he is involved with the University of Port Harcourt Foundation as a member of the Foundation’s Advisory Board.

In the United States of America, Eruani Godbless earned his Private Pilot License in the field of aviation. He has a fleet of at least three private planes, including both rotary and fixed-wing models. At 36, he bought his first private plane, a Hawker 800XP, and in 2012, he bought a helicopter, an Augusta Westland 109S Grand. A new, long-range Gulfstream 450 was purchased by Eruani Godbless and delivered in July 2015 so that he could better facilitate transcontinental business.

In 2018, the US Consulate nominated him for an Award of Excellence. At the US Consular in Lagos on August 20, 2018, Eruani Godbless was honored and presented with an award for Business Excellence, Innovation, and International Partnership. U.S. Consul General F. John Bray and U.S. Head of Commercial Brent Omadhl made the presentation.

Eruani Godbless has achieved remarkable levels of success in both the dredging industry and the aviation industry. His unconventional approach, along with his collaboration with global institutions, is the key to lasting growth in the corporate world.

He is a family man, having a wife and a few kids. He enjoys going on adventures, playing golf, and meeting new people. The fact that he pays careful attention to details and is very organized are two of his strongest qualities.

Eruani Godbless Early Life

Eruani Godbless was born on December 25th, 1973 in the town of Epebu, which is located within the Ogbia Local Government Area of the state of Bayelsa. His full name is Eruani Azibapu Godbless.

He is a member of the royal dynasty of Aguda the IX, the Obanema of Emadike. Chief Allwell Eruani and Rachael Eruani are his parents.

Eruani Godbless Education

Eruani Godbless is a family physician who received his medical degree from the University of Port Harcourt. He went on to complete postgraduate courses in surgery and then family medicine. He is a board-certified family physician and a fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Eruani Godbless pursued education at the world’s premier educational institutions for business leaders, earning degrees from the Lagos Business School’s Owner Management Programme (OMP), the London Business School’s Senior Executive Programme (SEP), and the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania’s Advance Management Programme (AMP).

In order to expand his understanding of the Energy and Petroleum industries, Eruani Godbless has participated in a number of training programs. These include “Process, Plant Start-Up Operations for Refinery and Petrochemical” by PTS Inc. in the United States of America, “Effective Project Management for the Power Project Professional” and “Power Project Finance” by Powergen – USA, the “Global Customer Summit” hosted by GE at CrotonVille in the United States of America, and “Understanding and Structuring Power Purchase Agreement” hosted by INFOCUS – Dubai.

Eruani Godbless Career

Eruani Godbless began his career in medicine with the Westend Clinic and the Ashford and Patrick Hospital, despite the fact that he had completed his studies as a medical doctor. After that, he began his career in public service with the Bayelsa State Civil Service as a Medical Officer in the Ministry of Health. After that, he began a professional career in industrial medicine with Nigerian Agip Oil Company.

After working in the oil and gas sector, Chief Melford Okilo, the first civilian governor of Old Rivers State, appointed Eruani Godbless as his chief physician. Later on, during Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s tenure as Governor of Bayelsa State, he was given the position of special adviser on HIV/AIDS and Community Health inside the administration of Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. Eruani Godbless was tasked with leading an additional organization in his capacity as Chairman of the State Action Committee on AIDS (SACA). He eventually served as the Bayelsa State Commissioner for Health.

Azikel Group was established by Eruani Godbless, who also served as the company’s founder. The Azikel Group is a conglomerate that operates businesses in a variety of industries, including dredging, petroleum refining, power production, aviation, construction, and engineering.

Eruani Godbless got his start in a variety of businesses, including sand and aggregate mining and dredging, logistics and air chatter services, power generation, and petroleum. His goals were to generate employment opportunities, wealth, and financial freedom, and to ensure the long-term viability of the economy.

The Azikel Group, which includes the businesses Azikel Dredging, Azikel Air, Azikel Power, and Azikel Petroleum, is owned by Eruani Godbless. The Azikel Refinery was Nigeria’s first privately owned refinery to use hydroskimming technology, and Azikel Petroleum Ltd. is the company behind it.

Eruani Godbless Ethnicity

Bayelsa State, located in southern Nigeria, is where Eruani Godbless was born. There are only two states in Nigeria, Bayelsa and Ekiti, in which every native is a member of the same tribe. Every person who was born and raised in Ekiti has Ekiti ancestry, while every person who was born and raised in Bayelsa had Ijaw ancestry. It is reasonable to assume that Eruani Godbless has Ijaw roots in his family tree.

Eruani Godbless Parents

His father is Chief Allwell Eruani, and his mother’s name is Rachael Eruani.

Eruani Godbless Siblings

The information that we have commissioned from our sources regarding Eruani Godbless’s siblings has not yet been completed. When it is delivered, we guarantee that the specifics will be brought to the forefront.

Eruani Godbless Religion

Eruani Godbless’s life as a Christian is not in question.

Eruani Godbless Wife

Although we are unable to provide any details regarding Eruani Godbless’s wife, we do know that he is married and has children.

Eruani Godbless Children

Eruani Godbless has a thriving family life with his several offspring. He has been successful in keeping the information about his children a secret. His wisdom deserves praise, for sure.

Eruani Godbless Social Media

You can find him on Instagram under the handle @dr_eruani, and you can find him on Facebook under the handle @azibapu.eruani.

Eruani Godbless Net Worth

Azikel Group, founded by Eruani Azibapu, is a multinational corporation with over $80 million in yearly revenue and over 700 workers. It is reported that he has a net worth of more than one billion dollars.