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Who is Domenico Tedesco? What We Know About Italian-German Football Manager

Domenico Tedesco

Key Facts About Domenico Tedesco

  • He is a football manager from both Italy and Germany.
  • His most recent position was at RB Leipzig as head coach.
  • On September 12, 1985, he entered the world.
  • He holds citizenship in both Germany and Italy.
  • He has a sibling named Urmbeto Tedesco.
  • He isn’t dating anyone yet.
  • His wealth is estimated to be $1.5 million.

Who is Domenico Tedesco?

Domenico Tedesco is a football manager with dual Italian and German citizenship. He was born on September 12, 1985, in the city of Cosenza, which is located in Italy. He was most recently the coach of RB Leipzig.

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Domenico Tedesco Early Life

When he was two years old, Domenico Tedesco’s family emigrated from the Italian province of Cosenza to the Esslingen district of Baden-Württemberg. After that, both Tedesco and his younger brother received German citizenship. In other words, he holds citizenship in both Germany and Italy.

Domenico Tedesco Education

Domenico Tedesco went to school in Germany from a young age and continued his study there. He has a master’s degree in innovation management and a bachelor’s degree in business engineering. He attended Germany’s Hennes-Weisweiler-Akademie for football coaches and emerged as the academy’s top student of 2016.

Domenico Tedesco Career

Before starting work as an assistant coach in the development programme for VfB Stuttgart on July 1, 2008, Domenico Tedesco played for ASV Aichwald in the Kreisliga A. Beginning in 2013, he served as an assistant coach for the under-17 squad until 2016, when he was appointed to head coach. As the 2014–15 season ended, he moved from Stuttgart to 1899 Hoffenheim to take over the youth programme. He was promoted to coach the under-19 team before the 2016-2017 season.

Schalke 04 hired Domenico Tedesco as their new manager. On June 9, 2017, he committed to the Royal Blues for two years by signing a contract. At halftime on November 25, 2017, Domenico Tedesco’s team trailed their opponents Borussia Dortmund by 4-0. After a thrilling Revierderby that ended in a 4-4 tie, he was named the Bundesliga’s first-ever Man of the Match on Matchday 13.

On October 14, 2019, Spartak Moscow announced that Domenico Tedesco had been hired as the team’s new head coach. The contract he signed was scheduled to last through June 2021. He kept Spartak at the top of the league table throughout his time as manager, earning the admiration of spectators with his shrewd strategies and the team’s confidence thanks to his fiery, gregarious, and outgoing nature.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic limiting his time with his family, Domenico Tedesco said on December 16, 2020, that he would not extend his contract with Spartak beyond June 2021, the date initially agreed upon. Even though Domenico Tedesco’s team was down 2-0 at the break, they came out strong in the second half. With a win or a draw against FC Akhmat Grozny in their final game, Spartak would have maintained the second position and advanced to the third qualifying round of the Champions League; however, the score ended in a tie.

On December 9, 2021, Domenico Tedesco became RB Leipzig’s head coach. RB Leipzig advanced to the semifinals of the UEFA Europa League in 2021-22, but Rangers eliminated them with a 3-2 aggregate score. He led RB Leipzig to a 4-2 victory over SC Freiburg in a penalty shootout on May 21, 2022. Even though he had a great first season, he was let go after a succession of poor showings to start the 2022-23 season, culminating in a 4-1 home loss to Shakhtar Donetsk in the Champions League on September 7, 2022.

Domenico Tedesco Parents

As of the publication date of this article, no information on the identity of Domenico Tedesco’s parents has been made public.

Domenico Tedesco Siblings

Urmbeto Tedesco is the brother of Domenico Tedesco. He is his only sibling.

Domenico Tedesco Ethnicity

Domenico Tedesco’s heritage includes both Germany and Italy.

Domenico Tedesco Religion

Our best guess is that Domenico Tedesco is a Christian, although it was impossible to confirm that at the time this article was written.

Domenico Tedesco Wife

Domenico Tedesco does not appear to be involved with anyone at this time. In other words, he has yet to find a partner.

Domenico Tedesco Children

Domenico Tedesco does not currently have any children of his own.

Domenico Tedesco Social Media

To keep up with Domenico Tedesco, follow him on Instagram at @domenicotedesco official.

Domenico Tedesco Net Worth

Domenico Tedesco has a personal wealth of 1.5 million dollars.