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Who is Jesse Rutherford? What We Know About American Singer

Jesse Rutherford is a musician, actor, and songwriter who hails from the United States. The 21st of August, 1991 was the day he was born. Jesse James Rutherford is his full legal name.

Kay Facts About Jesse Rutherford

  • He is a singer, actor, and songwriter from America.
  • He was born August 21, 1991.
  • Jesse Rutherford is his full name.
  • He fronts the indie rock band The Neighbourhood on vocals.
  • He went to high school at Newbury Park.
  • He practices Christianity.
  • His girlfriend is Billie Eilish.
  • He’s worth $85 million.

Who is Jesse Rutherford?

Jesse Rutherford is a musician, actor, and songwriter who hails from the United States. The 21st of August, 1991 was the day he was born. Jesse James Rutherford is his full legal name. In the band The Neighbourhood, which plays alternative rock, he is the band’s lead vocalist. Jesse Rutherford collaborated with the other members of his band to write Sweater Weather, which went on to become the number one song on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart and was released five times in the United States of America in the year 2020.

Jesse Rutherford Early Life

Jesse Rutherford spent his childhood years in the city of Newbury Park in California. He was born on August 21, 1991. Jesse Rutherford entered the entertainment business at an extremely early age and has been working there ever since. In addition to that, he used to participate in talent competitions where he would impersonate members of N’Sync as well as Elvis Presley. His aspirations and passions lead him to work in television advertisements, movies, and projects, such as his role in the movie Life or Something Like It from 2002, where he performed alongside Bundy from the same year. In addition, Jesse Rutherford spent the most of his teenage years performing as the main vocalist for a variety of local bands.

Jesse Rutherford Education

Although we do not have sufficient information regarding Jesse Rutherford’s educational background, we do know that he graduated from Newbury Park High School.

Jesse Rutherford Career

Jesse Rutherford’s first solo project was a mixtape he called “Truth Hurts, Truth Heals.” It came out in 2011. This 17-song album features R&B and hip-hop elements he developed. In the same year, he was networking with other local musicians when the concept of forming a new band came up. They came up with the group name The Neighbourhood, which featured a blend of melodic hip-hop, electronica, and atmospheric indie rock. His band released their debut single, named “Female Robbery,” in 2012, and then in 2013, they issued “Sweater Weather.”

The song “Sweater Weather” was a smash on the airwaves and topped the Billboard Alternative Songs list in the month of June 2013. Jesse Rutherford was a member of the band and participated in various festivals with them, including Lollapalooza and Coachella. He published his 144-page book, titled “&,” in 2016. The book has pictures that Jessie Rutherford took of himself. The concept of gender fluidity is investigated in this book. Jesse Rutherford said in his story that he had worn the items in his wardrobe while snapping until he ran out of things to wear. During the same year, he started uploading tracks on Soundcloud under the alias “the Factoury.”

Jesse Rutherford’s first solo album was titled “&,” and it featured eleven tracks that did not include any guest appearances. On December 17, 2018, he made the announcement that he will be going on his first solo tour the following year. He revealed the title, artwork, and track listing for his second album, titled “GARAGEB&,” on April 2, 2019; the album dropped on April 12, 2019. He stated that the album was motivated by Jesse Rutherford’s reawakening of his interest in composing music, which served as the album’s primary source of inspiration.

Jesse Rutherford Parents

The identities of his parents are unknown to us at this time. Other than his father abandoning them as children, we know nothing else.

Jesse Rutherford Siblings

We only know that he has a sister as of the time that this post was published, but there was no information obtained regarding his other siblings at the time of the search.

Jesse Rutherford Ethnicity

Jesse Rutherford is a native of the United States.

Jesse Rutherford Religion

Jesse Rutherford follows the teachings of the Christian religion.

Jesse Rutherford Girlfriend

Devon Lee Carlson and Jesse Rutherford were romantically involved in 2015. It was claimed that the couple had broken up in 2021, after they had been dating for a total of six years. Devon Lee later said on a podcast that the breakup was true. There were rumors circulating in October 2022 that Jesse Rutherford was romantically involved with Billie Eilish.

Jesse Rutherford Children

Jesse Rutherford does not currently have any children of his own.

Jesse Rutherford Social Media

If you want to see Jesse Rutherford’s photos on Instagram or follow him, his handle is @jesserutherford.

Jesse Rutherford Net Worth

Jesse Rutherford has an estimated $85 million in net worth.