Who is Abduljabbar Kabara? What You Need To Know About Nigerian Islamic Cleric

Abduljabbar Kabara, a Qadiriyya scholar and prominent Nigerian Muslim preacher, is a divisive figure in his hometown of Kano. He came into the world on February 7, 1970. Abduljabbar Nasuru Kabara is his full name.

Key Facts About Abduljabbar Kabara

  • He was born and raised in Nigeria.
  • His date of birth is February 7, 1970.
  • Abduljabbar Nasiru Kabara is his full name.
  • His father is Nasiru Kabara.
  • Qaribullahi Nasuru Kabara is his sibling.
  • He was known as a follower of Qadiriyya.
  • He is a scholar in Nigerian Muslim communities.
  • He is an enigmatic Muslim.
  • His ancestry can be traced back to the Hausa people.

Who is Abduljabbar Kabara?

Abduljabbar Kabara, a Qadiriyya scholar and prominent Nigerian Muslim preacher, is a divisive figure in his hometown of Kano. He came into the world on February 7, 1970. Abduljabbar Nasuru Kabara is his full name. He stands accused of making derogatory comments about Muhammad, the Islamic Prophet. His father, Nasuru Kabara, was the former leader of the West African Qadiriyya sect, and his older brother, Karibullah Nasir Kabara, is now the sect’s leader in his absence.

Abduljabbar Kabara Early Life

Abduljabbar Kabara is a member of the family of Sheikh Nasir Kabara, a renowned Qadiriyya leader in West Africa, and was born in Kabara, Kano State, Nigeria. His mother is Hajiya Hafsah Adussamad. Qaribullahi Nasuru Kabara, his sibling, is the current Qadiriyya leader in West Africa.

Abduljabbar Kabara Education

Abduljabbar Kabara began his education at Ma’ahad School and then transferred to Aliya and ATC Gwale before relocating to Iraq to complete his degree. Even so, he said that for over 25 years, his father was the primary source of his education.

Abduljabbar Kabara Career

Abduljabbar Kabara did what he saw his father do and continued the family tradition. Throughout his life, Abduljabbar Kabara was recognised as a scholar and devotee of the Qadiriyya school of Islam among Nigeria’s Muslim population. In one of the interviews he gave to BBC Hausa between 2020 and 2021, he discussed his conversion to Shia Islam.

Abduljabbar Kabara has been accused of blasphemy against Muhammad on multiple occasions. Some Muslims, including Abduljabbar Kabara, disagree with the Hadith as related by Bukhari. Abduljabbar Kabara Abduljabbar openly challenges any Nigerian Islamic scholar willing to produce Islamic scriptural evidence that what he is stating about the Hadith is correct whenever he delivers a sermon, a fatwa, or a fatwa during a Jumu’at congregation.

Kano State Islamic scholars from the Izala Society, Salafiyya, Tijaniyyah, and Qadiriyyah reported Abduljabbar Kabara to the state government, leading to his arrest and incarceration. To paraphrase what they were quoted as saying: “They have come along with nine blasphemy which Abduljabbar stated in his preaching towards Muhammad in video and audio format, which will serve as a reference that Abduljabbar is making blasphemy towards Muhammad, and that if care is not taken, the blasphemy will lead to Islamic bloodshed and chaos in the State.”

The state government decided to step in and release Abduljabbar without charges to give him the opportunity he so desperately seeks: a public debate in which he can present the biblical evidence he claims supports his claims and the chance to determine for himself whether or not his claims are correct.

The debate was moderated by Professor Salisu Shehu of the Bayero University Kano, and the Kano State Commissioner of Religious Affairs oversaw it. Abduljabbar Kabara allegedly did not answer any of the other academics’ queries, according to Professor Salisu Shehu.

Abduljabbar Kabara was thrown in prison on July 17, 2021, for blasphemy against Muhammad. A higher Shari’a Court in Kano ruled Abduljabbar Kabara guilty of blasphemy against the Prophet Muhammad on December 15, 2022, and he was sentenced to death by hanging.

Abduljabbar Kabara Parents

Abduljabbar Kabara is the offspring of Hajiya Hafsah Adussamad and Sheikh Nasir Kabara.

Abduljabbar Kabara Siblings

Abdouljabbar Kabara’s brother is the current Qadiriyya leader in West Africa, known by the name Qaribullahi Nasiru Kabara.

Abduljabbar Kabara Ethnicity

The Hausa tribe is where Abduljabbar Kabara comes from.

Abduljabbar Kabara Religion

Abduljabbar Kubara was a Muslim scholar who sparked much debate.

Abduljabbar Kabara Wife

Abduljabbar Kabara has a wife, but we don’t know her name yet.

Abduljabbar Kabara Children

Abdouljabbar Kabara is a father.

Abduljabbar Kabara Social Media

Although social media profiles for Abduljabbar Kabara have yet to be found, you can learn more about him by web search.

Abduljabbar Kabara Net Worth

The amount of money that Abduljabbar Kabara has in their net worth is kept secret from the general public.