Difference between Christianity and Catholicism

Difference between Christianity and Catholicism

Catholicism and Christianity possess so many things in common, as well as some differences. Christianity and Catholicism are the major tributaries of religions in the world today; therefore, being aware of the difference between Christianity and Catholicism will assist you in knowing the beliefs better. Christianity is a branch of religion that has faith in Jesus Christ and his instructions. Catholicism is a unit of Christianity. Catholicism is widely known as a unit of Christianity, as their religious awareness goes with the Christian ways. Other departments of Christianity include the protestants and the Eastern Orthodox churches.

Using the Oxford dictionary definition, Christianity is defined as a religion based on the person and instructions of Jesus Christ, together with its faiths and traditions. It defined Catholicism as the Roman Catholic church’s beliefs, practices, and church declarations. Do not forget that the Roman Catholic is a component of the Christian church that acknowledges the pope as the head of the church.

What is Christianity?

In the Christian faith, most Protestants accept the two sacraments, including Baptism and the eucharist. The Protestants do not acknowledge the idea of asking the Saints to intercede as they believe that only Christ can intercede with God. The Protestants do not believe in having priests and Bishops, although they have deacons. The existence of pastors represents so many Christian churches. The Protestants, unlike the Catholics, believe that Mary was a human and, therefore, not holy. The Protestants do not agree with the idea of purgation. According to the Protestants, after the death of a person, their soul either goes to hell or heaven. The Protestant Christians do not accept the idea of the pope as their spiritual leader, as they do not agree with the belief that the pope is unfailing. The Protestant Christians believe that a believer who is baptized can partake in holy communion.

What is Catholicism?

This unit of Christianity believes in the seven sacraments: Baptism, Eucharist, Marriage, Confirmation, Ordination, Reconciliation, and the Anointing of the sick. They believe that it is according to Christ’s will that they possess three kinds of church ministers: Bishops, priests, and deacons. Catholicism declares that regard and privilege can be conferred on the saints being sure of their fidelity to Christ. An important thing to know about Catholicism is that they do not pray to the saints; instead, they ask the saints to bless and pray for them.

The highest saint in Catholicism is Mary, the mother of Jesus. Catholicism believes that Mary, the mother of Jesus, was holy and therefore assumes that Mary was directed to heaven immediately after her demise. In contrast, Protestants believe that Mary was buried immediately after her death. According to Catholicism, purgatory is not just a place but an experience. The church’s spiritual leader is the pope, as they believe he is infallible. Catholicism also gives room to people not members of the Catholic church to partake in their communion.

Differences between Christianity and Catholicism

Catholicism accepts Mary to be holy and a Saint. Christianity does not accept Mary to be holy. Catholics don’t pray to the saints but rather ask the saint to bless them and intercede. Catholicism makes the pope their spiritual leader, while Christianity does not accept that. Protestant believe in only two sacraments which is Baptism and Eucharist. Catholicism believes in seven sacraments: Baptism, Eucharist, marriage, confirmation, ordination, reconciliation, and anointing of the sick.