Difference Between Frustration and Depression

Sadness is a normal human emotion triggered by a specific event. In contrast, depression is a clinical disorder characterised by persistent sadness, hopelessness, and loss of interest in daily activities. Sadness is typically fleeting and situational, whereas depression can last weeks, months, or even years.

Differentiating the distinction between frustration and depression can be complicated as these two sentiments have some relationship. Do not forget that we have to know frustration and depression as two different words between which we can scrutinize specific connections. As humans, we all go through depression and some degree of depression in our everyday existence. Frustration can be described as a feeling individuals feel when they can not accomplish their goals. On the other hand, depression can be described as a psychological situation in which an individual feels no appeal in any exercise and feels helpless. An individual can experience this condition of helplessness when he cannot attain his purpose. This points out that frustration can result in depression. This writing tries to point out the distinction between the two words.

What is Frustration?

Frustration can be described as a sentiment in which a person feels when an objective can not be accomplished or fulfilled. This is a prevalent situation in our daily life when we cannot fulfil a task due to some impediment that crosses our paths. This impediment can be an external or sometimes an internal barrier. For instance, imagine an individual who wishes to go ahead with his education but is unable since he is going through monetary issues and has to scout for a job. The individual feels frustrated since another compulsory provision is obstructing his objective. This is an illustration for an example of frustration in our lives. As earlier stated, the triggers of frustration can be internal or external. If the motivation is internal, it results from conflict within the person, which leads to frustrating emotions. But if the trigger is external, which may be due to the work environment, or people, it can be described as an external trigger. Individuals can direct their frustration toward a particular objective and preserve their life pleasingly and healthfully. Although, if an individual is frustrated for not being fit to accomplish a certain target, he can be furious, unhappy, painful, and even disappointed. This is the point depression comes into the picture.

What is Depression?

Contrary to frustration, depression is not a familiar feeling we all go through, though everyone can feel depressed at some point. Depression is triggered as a result of various motives. Frustration can be observed as one of its chances. Individuals of all age groups can go through depression, beginning from a little child to an elderly individual. Depression can influence the everyday habit of a person. It influences the perspective on life and self and modifies the world’s pattern. Contrary to frustration, depression is regarded as a psychological condition requiring treatment and drugs. An individual that is depressed possesses little strength and feels useless, defeated, tired and helpless. Such an individual may have insomnia too and separate from every exercise. He may also possess suicidal imagination.

Difference Between Depression and Frustration

  • A frustrated individual may show disappointment, depression, anger, and unhappiness. In contrast, an individual who is depressed may feel useless, helpless, and tired.
  • Contrary to frustration, depression is a psychological condition it requires to be managed with drugs and therapy.
  • An elevated status of frustration results in depression.
  • Depression is a psychological disorder whereby an individual feels useless and uninterested in exercise.
  • Frustration is a feeling that individuals go through when they are unable to accomplish their objectives.