Difference Between Hipster and Hippie

Difference Between Hipster and Hippie

The terms hipster and hippie and different and can not be interchanged. However, the various resemblances between them make it challenging for individuals to determine the discrepancies between them. It had been assumed that the term hippie originated from hipster. In the 1940s, the hipster was a vernacular used; it stopped its existence and then showed up again in the 1990s. The word hipster has to do with young, average, class adults who are attracted to fashion and culture. On the other hand, the hippies were a segment of a subculture that showed up in the United States during the 1960s. Hippie was sort of a youth exercise that circulated all over the world.

Who is a Hippie?

The Oxford English dictionary, particularly in the 1960s, describes a hippie as an individual of strange impression, naturally possessing long hair and putting on beads, connected with a subculture that has to do with a denial of traditional significance and the taking of hallucinogenic medications. It is concerning to know that hippies formed their social bodies and clasped on to sexual revolt, and made use of medicines as a medium to encounter various forms of consciousness. In short, they optioned the use of medications such as marijuana and LSD, and they also enjoyed psychedelic rock tunes.

It is a fact that the hippies decided on their pattern of life and dug through new meanings in life. They had a massive appeal in becoming free from any societal limitations. Hippies diverted from the usual ways of life through their sense of dressing. Their pattern of dressing made them easily recognizable to others. The hippies never cared if they had cash on them, even when travelling. They do not worry about where they would lay their heads, and most of the time, they stayed in the houses of other hippies. The hippies acknowledged the freedom of movement. The hippies’ actions were taken to be a kind of revolt. In the 1970s, it became very famous.

Who is a Hipster?

The Oxford English dictionary defines a hipster as an individual that observes the current sensations and styles, primarily those considered outside the cultural mainstream. The hipsters derive pleasure in paying attention to indie rock tunes and find reading magazines amusing. Hipsters do not want to be tagged and, as such, avoid tags. It is important to note that hipsters have the same dressing pattern and behave the same. There is a saying that hipsters conform to their non-conformity.

Difference Between Hippie and Hipster

The hippies were members of the subculture in the United States in the 1960s. Hipster is a vocabulary related to young average, class adults who were attracted to styles and trends. Hippie is acknowledged to be founded on the word “hipster”. Hippies and hipsters listened to music that was not fashioned by others. The hippies had an interest in psychedelic rock tunes, while the hipsters enjoyed indie rock tunes. Hippies and hipsters diverted from social norms through their mode of dressing, as their dressing patterns were entirely different. The hipsters wore skinny jeans, while the hippies wore bell bottoms. Hippies and hipsters were for the counterculture. The hippies intended to be free from social norms and societal limitations. The hipsters refused to conform to mainstream cultural norms.