Difference Between Temple and Synagogue

Difference Between Temple and Synagogue

The discrepancy between a temple and a synagogue possesses its origin in Jewish belief. They are two phrases that are usually considered as terms that indicate the exact purpose by the public, even though they are not so in Jewish philosophy. Temple and synagogue convey varied understandings when used apiece. The synagogue has to do a location where multitudes gather. It is derived from the Greek term “synagogues”, meaning House of Assembly. A temple on its side is defined as a holy place where disciples of any religion go to worship. The synagogue is connected to the culture of the Jews, while the temple, when viewed from the Jewish philosophy, possesses a special meaning. This article helps discuss the differences between the two terms.

What is a Temple?

A temple, in its definition, is a place where disciples of a religion assemble to worship. Every religion owns its temple, which is a place of worship. Temple is a house of God. All religions use the phrase temple to reveal any place of worship their disciples have built. The Jews describe the temple as a sanctum witnessed in Jerusalem. Whenever a jew makes mention of the temple, they refer to the Holy Temple, which was in Jerusalem, built by Solomon in the 10th century BC. The Jews only refer to that one as a temple. After the demolition of the second temple, the Jews no longer possess a physical structure that they can refer to as a temple. According to the Orthodox Jews, only the messiah can build a temple. Before the demolition of the temple, the Jews used to perform more rituals. There was also music in the temple.

What is a Synagogue?

After the temple in Jerusalem was demolished, the new place the Jews worship is the synagogue. Before time, the synagogue used to be nothing but a town hall, which at that time, did not have any connection with worship. The reason a synagogue was built is entirely different from why a temple was built. The main reason a synagogue was built was to hold dialogues related to business. It can be boldly said that the Jewish community in the synagogue performed societal trades. This continued as far as the temple was still in use. Although presently, the synagogue is mainly constructed for worship.

Differences Between a Temple and a Synagogue

A temple is primarily considered a place of worship for any religion. To the Jews, they refer to a temple as the one which was built in Jerusalem. A synagogue, on the other hand, is the Jewish place of adoration. A regular temple can be constructed anywhere, but the Jewish temple can only be built where the former was built. A synagogue can be built anywhere. A regular temple uses the procedure of worship depending on the religion to which the temple belongs. But the Jewish temple had a particular rites like sacrifices and making use of music during prayers. Synagogues do not conduct rituals, and they do not use music during prayers just as a way of putting the temple memory especially.