Difference Between Johnnie Walker’s Black Label and Johnnie Walker’s Red label

Difference Between Johnnie Walker's Black Label and Johnnie Walker's Red label

Johnnie Walker’s black and Red Labels are the most famous whiskies in the world today. Johnnie Walker’s house has remained in this product for about two centuries and has streamlined its trademark with its colour tagging for the standard customer to point out the differences and to stay with them. Johnnie Walker has about five types of blends, including Gold, Green, Blue, Black, and Red labels, there is also white, but it was stopped. All of these blends have their unique flavour and taste.

What is Johnnie Walker’s Black label?

Branded as Hidden Depths, Johnnie Walker’s Black Label was introduced in 1870. It is a smooth blend and rich out of over 40 best Scotland whiskies, starting from the mild east coast flavour and the tough west coast flavours, and ripened for 12 years. Since the date of introduction, Black label has maintained the authenticity of its producer and presently sells more than most other deluxe blended Scotch whiskeys worldwide.

The taste offered by the Black label is deep, making the very first sip you take make you curious to experience more. It has a smooth and rich feel with smoky malt and possesses a fruity flavour, with a finishing taste of sweet vanilla and raisin flavour. The Black Label can either be taken raw, with ginger ale or soda and also with water.

What is Johnnie Walker’s Red label?

The Red Label is found at the end of Johnnie Walker’s lineup of scotch. The Red Label has the lowest price list out of its five blends and flavours. Although the Red Label may be at the end line of Johnnie Walker’s scotch whiskies, it is highly distinctive and possesses an exuberant flavour. The Red Label is trademarked as “Full of Character” due to its versatility. Even if it gets mixed, it still maintains its flavour and taste. The Walker family does not compromise their boast of flavours for anything.

The ripped age for the Red Label has not been confirmed, but it is speculated to be about eight years. It is a blend of light whiskies from Scotland’s east coast and black peaty whiskies from the West coast, where its depth of flavour is formed. It has a combination of about 35 grains and malt whiskies in the blend. The Red Label is known for its severe spicy flavour and long lingering smoky finish. The Red Label’s sensation in the mouth can be compared to sweet chilli. It can be served in different ways worldwide because it is an excellent daily scotch. It can be used at parties or picnics, pubs, and clubs.

Difference Between Johnnie Walker’s Black Label and Johnnie Walker’s Red label

The Black Label is more mature than the Red Label. It takes 12 years for the Black Label to ripen and eight years for the Red Label. The Johnnie Walker’s Black Label is far more costly than the Red Label. The Black Label is darker while the Red Label is light and malty. The Black Label can be taken in raw or mixed, while the Red Label is a mixture of different grains. Black labels possess a deeper flavour, silky smooth and smoky.