Difference Between Nationality and Race

Difference Between Nationality and Race

Nationality and race are two various notions that are used very frequently by journalism and media. Although the terms possess various descriptions, their utilization has formed suspicions in the readers’ minds. The difference between nationality and race can be difficult to know as these terms are usually used together. While nationality has to do with the nation, one was birthed in or is currently in, race has to do with the class you are part of, depending on your physical features. Whereas nationality is up to you to some extent, when it comes to race, nothing can be done about it. This article will highlight more on these two notions.

What is Nationality?

Nationality is the nation you were born in or currently reside in. The portion of land you were birthed in decides your nationality. Therefore, if your parents relocated to another nation immediately before birth, you may possess the new country as your nationality. You may also make decisions on the country to make your home. Some individuals leave their home nation when they relocate to another nation for higher studies. If they acquire an excellent job in that nation, they decide to reside there and switch their nationality. So therefore, an individual can alter their nationality if they wish to.

What is Race?

Race has to do with assembling individuals into various sets based on their physical appearance, which may have to do with their bone formation, the colour of their skin, the colour of their hair, the texture of their hair, and more. Some words come into your mind when you hear the words like black lady, white lady, African, caucasian, and more. Some terms have been used to describe a racial association of individuals around the globe. However, it is a fact that as a result of living together of various races and inter-marriages between multiple races, the difference between the so-called race has clouded to a point. The term race is used primarily in an ominous tone to direct discrimination in different parts of the world based on skin colour and facial traits. The idea that one’s race is outstanding to others results in individuals acting in a particular way towards others in society. It will take ages for one to forget how long Nelson Mandela had to combat racial bigotry in South Africa for apartheid to be taken out. Even currently, when we accept pride in so much expansion and progression, discrimination on the ground of race is taking place in civilized and developed countries. Furthermore, have a rethink of the atrocity the black individuals had to go through before President Abraham Lincoln in America liberated them. They had to face so much suffering; some still regarded black people as mean and sinful due to their black skin colour.

Difference Between Nationality and Race

Urban cities in various nations are referred to as melting pots of races. This is because one can notice the achievements of multiple races and nationalities in these cities. You may see the blacks, the whites, the Caucasians, and more all residing in one nation, and they all possess the same nationality as the nations they live in. Even with that, they are dealt with differently as they are of various races and have different cultural origins.

  • Nationality has to do with the nation you were birthed in or where you decided to be your home.
  • Race has to do with the class of individuals of which you are partly due to the biological traits you possess. This often includes your genetic ancestry. Furthermore, you will observe that individuals from the same race often have a distinct geographical region in their roots.
  • One may decide to switch their nationality but can not alter their race.
  • A particular nationality may consist of individuals of different races.
  • Race has always been a topic of bigotry, whereas nationality does not have much to do with an individual’s race.
  • Nationality assembles individuals to a particular nation, while race consists of individuals from around the globe due to races being widely spread worldwide.