Difference Between Rich and Poor

Difference Between Rich and Poor

We exist in a society that is made up of two categories, known as the rich and the poor, with so many disparities between them. These are also described as the haves and the have-nots of the community. The rich constitute scarcely 20 per cent of the population and control about 80 per cent of the resources, whereas 80 per cent of the inhabitants control the remaining 20 per cent. Although, the division between the rich and the poor, notwithstanding all the “ism” which has to do with capitalism, communism, and socialism, continues to grow every time, causing the situation of the poor to get worst by the day. Although, the monetary situation is not the only disparity between the rich and the poor. This article points out the differences between the rich and the poor.

Who are the Rich?

The term “rich” can be described as possessing so many assets. Although in the current world, assets primarily have to do with the monetary aspect that a person possesses, living rich can possess other descriptions as well. Rich is an extremely subjective word. An individual who has no money yet possesses a healthy morality and principles of ethics can evaluate himself to be richer than a wealthy individual due to his moral richness. This notion of being rich is connected with various terms in various communities. Even though in most communities, it is provided with a monetary symbolism, most detail it to other features which may have to do with the number of land one has, or the number of cows, or more. Although, when focusing on the rich in the current sense, the rich possess an increased opportunity than the poor. This can be a result of their academic qualifications, sheer power, or wealth. Rich is not bothered by depression or recession.

Who are the Poor?

Poor can be described as those individuals who possess a reduced standard of living. These people may possess reduced wealth, academic qualifications, and even reduced access to things that are regarded as essential, which may include clean water, housing, and more. The poor assume their absence of degree or understanding makes them poor. This points out the fundamental disparity between these two kinds of individuals. It is essential to have in mind that it is when you begin to sense that life is occurring to you rather than for you to make your future you will miss the proper route and condemn remaining poor.

Difference between Rich and Poor

  • The rich assume they are the regulators of their lives, while the poor sense they are topics to vagaries of life and life regulations taking place in their lives.
  • Investing in strategies to earn more money is like a contest for the rich. The poor are always scared of investing their funds in the stock market because they usually lose money.
  • The poor are playing not to lose funds, whereas the rich play to earn more.
  • The rich individuals view the chances, while the poor view the impediments first.
  • The poor keep assuming ways they will overcome this impediment while the rich keep their attention on the chances since they possess the resources to overcome the impediment quickly.
  • The rich imagine big and, as such, strike rich. While the poor imagine small with the outcome that they have to remain content with whatever they possess.
  • The rich are makers; they take decisive steps to achieve their dreams, while the poor just imagine dreams.
  • The class of rich individuals has to do with the rich and successful. In contrast, poor individuals possess the class of unsuccessful and daydreamers.
  • This class disparity proves significant in determining the future of the rich and poor.