Mali 1992 Constitution


The sovereign people of Mali, strong from their traditions of heroic struggle, pledge to remain faithful to the ideals of the victims of repression and the fallen martyrs of the battlefield for the rise of a state of law and pluralist democracy,

  • affirm their volition to preserve and reinforce the democratic gains of the Revolution of March 26, 1991,
    solemnly undertake to defend the republican and secular form of the state,

    proclaim their determination to defend the rights of women and children as well as the cultural and linguistic diversity of the national community,

    reaffirm their determination to maintain and consolidate the national unity,

    undertake to assure the improvement of the quality of life, the protection of the environment and the cultural patrimony,

    subscribe to the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man of December 10, 1948and to the African Charter of the Rights of Man and People of June 27, 1981,

    reaffirm their attachment to the realization of African Unity, to the promotion of peace, regional and international cooperation, to the peaceful resolution of differences between states in deference to justice, equality, liberty and the sovereignty of the people.