Difference Between Wrestling and Boxing

Difference Between Wrestling and Boxing

Wrestling and boxing are different combat sports with different rules, techniques, and goals. However, they test the athletes’ skills, strength, and endurance. The way the fights are done is the most significant difference between wrestling and boxing. Wrestling is a grappling sport in which two people try to take control of each other by holding, throwing, and taking them down. The goal is to get your opponent’s back, shoulders, or both on the mat or to give up by putting pressure on them with joint locks or chokes. There are different ways to wrestle, like Greco-Roman, Freestyle, and Folkstyle. Each has its own rules and moves.

On the other hand, boxing is a striking sport in which people use punches to score points or knock out their opponent. Boxers can only use their fists, and there are strict rules about what kinds of punches they can throw, like jabs, hooks, and uppercuts. In boxing, the goal is to score more points than your opponent or to knock them down so they can’t continue. Another difference is how the athletes dress and what they use to protect themselves. Boxers wear trunks, boxing gloves, and special shoes, while wrestlers usually wear singlets and wrestling shoes. Boxers also use mouthguards and may wear headgear during training and amateur fights to protect themselves even more. In short, wrestling and boxing differ in how they fight, their goals, their techniques, and what they wear. In wrestling, the focus is on holding and grappling, while in boxing, the focus is on hitting with punches.

What is Wrestling?

Wrestling is an ancient combat sport in which two athletes compete physically to gain and maintain control over their opponent through various holds, tosses, and takedowns. This sport, practised by numerous cultures throughout history, tests the athletes’ strength, talent, agility, and endurance. There are numerous wrestling forms, each with its own rules and techniques. Greco-Roman, freestyle, and folkstyle are a few of the most prevalent styles. Greco-Roman wrestling prohibits attacks below the waist, limiting competitors to upper-body techniques. Freestyle wrestling permits the use of both upper and lower body techniques, allowing for a wider variety of movements. Folkstyle wrestling, also known as collegiate wrestling, is the most prevalent style practised in high schools and colleges in the United States. It emphasises control and sustaining a dominant position over the opponent.

Wrestling is a physically demanding combat sport that emphasises grappling, control, and technique and is practised globally in various styles. A wrestling match aims to pin or overcome the opponent, or score points through takedowns, reversals, or near falls. Wrestlers can also win by submission through joint grips or chokes. Wrestling matches occur on circular or square mats with a designated competition area. Wrestlers don specific attire, including a singlet and wrestling shoes that provide support and traction on the mat during matches. Additionally, headgear and mouthguards may be donned for protection.

What is Boxing?

Boxing is a popular combat sport and martial art in which two competitors, known as boxers, compete in a measure of strength, speed, skill, and endurance. The primary objective of boxing is to land clean, accurate blows while averting or blocking the opponent’s blows. Boxers can win by scoring more points than their opponent, achieving a knockout (KO) by incapacitating their opponent, or achieving a technical knockout (TKO) when the referee or ringside physician considers it unsafe for a boxer to continue. The sport is governed by rules that specify the permissible strikes, including jabs, hooks, crosses, and uppercuts, as well as the legal target areas and fouls. Boxing matches are held in a square, roped-off area known as the ring, and boxers don specialised gloves, trunks, and shoes. In amateur boxing and during training, boxers may additionally don protective headgear.

Boxing is a striking-based combat sport that tests athletes’ strength, speed, technique, and resiliency to strike effective punches while avoiding their opponent’s attacks. Each round in boxing typically lasts three minutes, and there are one-minute breaks between rounds. The number of rounds varies based on the degree of competition, ranging from four for novices to twelve for championship bouts. Boxers utilise sparring sessions to hone their abilities and prepare for competition. Combining aerobic and anaerobic exercises, as well as exercising various punching techniques, footwork, and defensive manoeuvres, comprise boxing training.

Difference Between Wrestling and Boxing

Boxing and wrestling are separate combat sports that focus on different strategies and goals. Wrestling is a grappling sport where the goal is to control the opponent through holds, throws, and takedowns to earn a pin, points, or submission, whereas boxing is a striking sport where the focus is on landing blows to score points or achieve a knockout. Boxers wear protective gear such as gloves, trunks, and shoes during training and amateur matches. Wrestlers typically wear singlets, wrestling shoes, and protective gear such as helmets and mouthguards. Wrestling is centred on grappling and controlling the opponent, while boxing prioritises hitting with fists. The primary distinctions between boxing and wrestling are mentioned below.

Combat Style

Wrestling is a grappling sport in which you acquire control of your opponent using holds, throws, and takedowns, while boxing is a striking-based combat sport that concentrates on landing blows.


Boxing is a combat sport in which points are awarded for scoring knockdowns, technical knockouts (TKO), and other knockouts. Wrestling aims to submit your opponent by pinning their shoulders or back to the mat, scoring takedowns and near falls, or choking them out.


Jabs, hooks, crosses, and uppercuts are only some of the hitting techniques emphasised in boxing, along with footwork and defensive strategies. Depending on the type of wrestling being practised, an array of takedowns, throws, and holds are emphasised.


When practising or competing in exhibition matches, amateur boxers often wear headgear in addition to their trunks, gloves, and specialised shoes. Wrestlers often wear tight-fitting singlets and wrestling shoes and may also wear protective headgear and mouthguards.

Competition Area

Wrestling matches occur on a circular or square mat with a predetermined competition area, whereas boxing bouts occur in a roped-off, square space called a ring.

Rounds and Duration

The level of competition predetermines the number of rounds in a boxing fight and lasts three minutes on average. The winner of a wrestling bout is typically determined by the accumulation of points, pins, or submissions within a certain time limit.