Haiti 1987 Constitution (reviewed 2012)

Table of Contents

TITLE I. The Republic of Haiti; Its Emblem and Its Symbols

CHAPTER I. The Republic of Haiti

First Article

[Amended by the Constitutional Law of 9 May 2011 / 19 June 2012]

Haiti is an indivisible, sovereign, independent, free, democratic and unified Republic.

First Article 1

The city of Port-au-Prince is the capital and the seat of government. This seat may be moved elsewhere for reasons of force majeure.

Article 2

The national colors shall be blue and red.

Article 3

The emblem of the Haitian Nation shall be a flag with the following description:

  1. two (2) equal sized horizontal bands: a blue one on top and a red one underneath;
  2. the coat of arms of the Republic are: a Palette surmounted by the liberty cap, and under the palms a trophy with the legend: In Union there is Strength.

Article 4

The national motto is: Liberty; Equality, Fraternity.

Article 4-1

The national anthem shall be the “Dessalinienne.”

Article 5

All Haitians are united by a common language: Creole. Creole and French are the official languages of the Republic.

Article 6

The monetary unit shall be the gourde, which is divided into centimes.

Article 7

The cult of the personality is categorically forbidden. Effigies and names of living personages may not appear on the currency, stamps, seals, public buildings, streets or works of art.

Article 7-1

Use of effigies of deceased persons must be approved by the Legislature.

CHAPTER II. Territory of the Haitian Republic

Article 8

The territory of the Haitian Republic comprises:

  1. the western part of the island of Haiti and the adjacent island of La Gonave, La Tortue, I’Ile a Vache, les Cayemittes, La Navase, La Grande Caye and the other islands of the Territorial Sea;
  2. it is bounded on the east by the Dominican Republic, on the north by the Atlantic Ocean, on the south and west by the Caribbean Sea or Sea of the Antilles;
  3. the air space over the land sea of the Republic.

Article 8-1

The territory of the Haitian Republic is inviolable and may not be alienated either in whole or in part by any treaty or convention.

Article 9

The territory of the Republic is divided and subdivided into Departments, Arrondissements, Communes, Quartiers and Communal Sections.

Article 9-1

The law determines the number and boundaries of these divisions and subdivisions, and regulates their organization and operation.