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What We Know About Islamiyat Yusuf: Commonwealth Medalist’s Career & Achievements

Islamiyat Yusuf is a weightlifter for the Nigerian national team. She competed at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games and brought home a bronze medal.

Who Is Islamiyat Yusuf?

Islamiyat Yusuf is a weightlifter for the Nigerian national team. She competed at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games and brought home a bronze medal.

She did not begin weightlifting until 2014, and in her very first international competition, she won three gold medals.

On March 3, 2003, Islamiyat Yusuf was born in the country of Nigeria. Olorunda Local Government Area in Osun state is where she was born and raised. Her full name is Islamiyat Adebukola Yusuf.

Quick Facts About Islamiyat Yusuf

  • Full Name: Islamiyat Adebukola Yusuf
  • Date of Birth: March 3, 2003
  • Place of Birth: Olorunda, Osun State
  • Nationality: Nigeria
  • Sport: Weightlifting

Learn More About Islamiyat Yusuf’s Education

Osogbo High School was founded in 1960 and is located in Osogbo, which is the capital of the state of Osun. Islamiyat Yusuf went to this school. According to the information that is presented on her social media page, it is believed that she registered for classes at the Lagos State University in the year 2018.

What We Know About Islamiyat Yusuf’s Career?

Islamiyat Yusuf is a Nigerian athlete who competes on the international stage, primarily in the sport of weightlifting.

When Islamiyat Yusuf decided to pursue weightlifting as a sport, a lot of people tried to talk her out of it. She later revealed this information to the media.

She delivered a speech in which she discussed how she had stopped listening to other people’s concerns because she was so committed to the 2017 National Youth Champion. To her, it was very important to perform well in weightlifting. She has repeatedly expressed her appreciation to her trainer, Adeyemi Rufus, for remaining committed to her throughout the ordeal.

She said, “It is a must for you to have challenges when you embark on a sporting journey. Many people discouraged me during my earlier stage, but with determination and focus, I turned deaf ears to them.

“I started weightlifting in 2014. My first national outing was at the 2017 National Youth Games in Ilorin, where I won three gold medals. I attended my first international championships in 2017 at Uganda’s African Youth Weightlifting championships, winning three gold medals again”.

She couldn’t contain her joy as she talked about how honoured she is to compete for her country in four different international competitions.

Islamiyat Yusuf was able to participate in the 2018 African Youth Games in Algeria thanks to her good fortune. She returned with not one, but two gold medals, as well as a silver medal.

She recounted how heartbreaking it was for her to come in second place at the Olympic Youth Games.

Is Islamiyat Yusuf Muslim or Christian?

Although we do not have any concrete information regarding Islamiyat Yusuf’s present religious faith or whether or not she is now practising Christianity or Islam, it is our understanding that she was raised in a Muslim household.

It is however reasonable to conclude that she is a Muslim given that she was born in a predominantly Muslim community in Osun State, Nigeria, and that her name is of an Islamic origin.

Is Islamiyat Yusuf Single or Married?

There is no information available at this time regarding Islamiyat Yusuf’s marital status; nevertheless, her social media page shows that the young weightlifter who has won multiple medals is in a relationship.

What Are Islamiyat Yusuf’s Achievements?

On August 1, Islamiyat Yusuf competed in the 63/64 kg category at the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. She was successful in her competition and was awarded a bronze medal, adding to the accolades that other Nigerian competitors had already earned.

Because to Islamiyat Yusuf’s success, Team Nigeria moved up to a higher position on the overall scoreboard.

The young woman, who is currently 19 years old, boasts about how well she did in the weight lifting championships for African children and juniors.

At the 2022 Commonwealth Games held in Birmingham, Islamiyat brought home Nigeria’s fourth medal of the competition.

Yusuf lifted 93 kilogrammes in the snatch event and 119 kilogrammes in the clean and jerk event, earning her a bronze medal in the women’s weightlifting 64 kilogramme event.

Is Islamiyat Yusuf On Social Media?

On the vast majority of social media platforms, we have been unable to locate any accounts associated with Islamiyat Yusuf. However, we are aware that sha maintains a Facebook profile under the name Islamiyat Yusuf (Adebukola).

What Is Islamiyat Yusuf’s Net Worth?

It is estimated that the young champion has a net worth of one million dollars.