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What We Know About Kess Adjekpovu: His Career, Net Worth & BBNaija

Kesiena Adjekpovu is a reality TV star and businessman from Nigeria. She is also an entrepreneur. Kesiena Tony Adjekpovu is the full name of this man.

Kesiena Adjekpovu is a reality TV star and businessman from Nigeria. She is also an entrepreneur. Kesiena Tony Adjekpovu is the full name of this man.

After being chosen to participate in the seventh season of the Big Brother Naija show as one of the 28 housemates, Kess Adjekpovu rose to prominence as a prominent figure in the entertainment industry. On July 23, 2022, during the show’s opening ceremony, it was revealed that he would be staying in the Big Brother house.

Quick Facts About Kesiena Adjekpovu

  • Full Name: Kesiena Tony Adjekpovu
  • Year of Birth: 1994
  • Place of Birth: Warri, Delta State
  • State Of Origin: Delta State, Nigeria
  • Nationality: Nigerian
  • Spouse: Angel Baby Adjekpovu

Who is Kess Adjekpovu?

Kesiena Tony Adjekpovu was born in the year 1994 in the city of Warri, which is located in the state of Delta in Southern Nigeria.

He was born and raised in Delta State, Nigeria, which makes him a native of the South-South part of the country. Warri City was his home throughout the formative years of his life.

Throughout his infancy and adolescence, he experimented with a number of creative endeavours, including singing, dancing, and acting.

Is Kess Adjekpovu Christian or Muslim?

Kess Adjekpovu was born into a warm and supportive Christian family that is exceptionally close to one another. He was brought up in a devout family and instructed on the reverence due to God as well as the importance of upholding moral principles.

Kess Adjekpovu was a member of the choir at his local church, and it was there that he gained experience playing a variety of instruments. In addition to that, he was a vocalist at the local church. He was a very involved member of the Drama Club throughout his time in high school and appeared in a great deal of the school’s productions of plays and musicals.

What We Know About Kess Adjekpovu’s Education

Kess Adjekpovu received both his primary and secondary education from highly regarded institutions located in Warri, Delta State.

After completing his high school education, he applied to and was admitted to study at Delta State University, Agbraka. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the school following a period of study equaling four years.

Is Kess Adjekpovu Single or Married?

Kess Adjekpovu places a high value on his relationships with his family. He is wed to a lovely lady whose name is Angel Baby Adjekpovu, and they have two children together. The month of May 2021 saw the couple exchange vows and become husband and wife.

Prior to entering the Big Brother house, Kess Adjekpovu was a resident of the United States of America where he lived for a number of years. His wife is a photographer by trade and makes a good living at it. The person Kess Adjekpovu confides in the most is really one of his brothers. On this, the seventh season of the Big Brother Naija Show, he is the only man who is currently married.

Learn More About Kess Adjekpovu’s Career

Kess Adjekpovu has been deeply engaged in entrepreneurship since his adolescent years. During the course of his teenage years, he launched and managed a few different businesses. When he was accepted into the university, he didn’t let that deter him from pursuing his entrepreneurial goals.

After graduating from the university, he utilised the funds from his student-operated firm to launch a small or medium-sized enterprise (SME) in the city of Lagos. Over the course of many years, he has built the company into one of the most successful small and medium-sized businesses in the nation.

Kess Adjekpovu relocated his family and business to the United States of America, and later expanded his operations to include Europe. After achieving a great deal of success in the business sector, he made the conscious decision to embark on the long-held goal of launching a successful career in the entertainment industry.

When he finally tried out for the Big Brother Naija reality programme in 2022, he was able to realise one of his lifelong goals. In order to become one of the 28 housemates on the seventh season of the reality show, he had to compete against thousands of other contestants. When Kess Adjekpovu was shown to the public for the first time on the 23rd of July 2022, during the opening ceremony of Big Brother Naija, he quickly became a well-known figure.

Kess Adjekpovu participated in the competition to win the big prize of one hundred million naira and the numerous other opportunities that were made accessible to the housemates on the show.

Is Kess Adjekpovu on Social Media?

Instagram (@officialkingkess), Twitter (@KessAdjekpovu), and Facebook (Kesiena Adjekpovu) are among the social media platforms on which Kess Adjekpovu may be found.

What is Kess Adjekpovu’s Net Worth?

Kess Adjekpovu is an extremely successful businessman who has been able to provide for himself and his family rather comfortably thanks to the income that his company has brought in. It is believed that he has a net worth of $70,000 US.