Lesotho 1993 Constitution (reviewed 2018)

Table of Contents


107. Land vested in Basotho Nation

Without prejudice to any allocation of land that was made before the commencement of this Constitution and was subsisting immediately before such commencement or to any interests or rights in or over land that were otherwise vested in any person immediately before such commencement and without prejudice to any allocation of land or any grant of any interest or right in or over land that may, in accordance with the provisions of this Constitution and, subject thereto, of any other law, be made after the commencement of this Constitution, all land in Lesotho is vested in the Basotho Nation.

108. Power to allocate land, etc. vested in the King in trust for Basotho Nation

  1. The power to allocate land that is vested in the Basotho Nation, to make grants of interests or rights in or over such land, to revoke or derogate from any allocation or grant that has been made or otherwise to terminate or restrict any interest or right that has been granted is vested in the King in trust for the Basotho Nation.
  2. The power that is vested in the King by subsection (1) of this section shall be exercised in accordance with this Constitution and any other law.

109. Laws regulating principles on which land may be allocated, etc

Parliament may make provision prescribing the allocations that may be made and the interests or rights that may be granted in exercise of the power conferred by section 108 of this Constitution, the grounds upon which and the circumstances in which such allocations or grants may or shall be so made or may or shall be revoked or derogated from or the interests or rights which may or shall otherwise be so terminated or restricted, appeals in respect of the allocation or refusal to allocate land or the revocation of interests to or in land and, generally, regulating the principles according to which and the manner in which the said power shall be exercised.

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