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Who is Liam Hemsworth? Meet The New Geralt Of Rivia in The Witcher

Liam Hemsworth is an actor from Australia. In the Australian serial opera Neighbours, he portrayed the part of Josh Taylor, and in the children's television series The Elephant Princess, he played the role of Marcus.

Key Facts About Liam Hemsworth

  • He is a well-known Australian actor.
  • He was born in Melbourne on January 13, 1990.
  • Leonie and Craig Hemsworth are the parents of Liam Hemsworth.
  • He’ll play Geralt of Rivia in the fourth season of The Witcher on Netflix.
  • He has two brothers, Chris and Luke Hemsworth.
  • He has Dutch, Irish, English, Scottish, and German ancestry.
  • He divorced Miley Cyrus in 2019.
  • He is a devout Christian.
  • He’s @liamhemsworth on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • His net worth is $30 million.

Who is Liam Hemsworth?

Liam Hemsworth is an actor from Australia. In the Australian serial opera Neighbours, he portrayed the part of Josh Taylor, and in the children’s television series The Elephant Princess, he played the role of Marcus.

He was born on the 13th of January 1990 in Melbourne, which is located in the state of Victoria in Australia. Will Blakelee in The Last Song (2010), Gale Hawthorne in The Hunger Games film trilogy (2012–2015), and Jake Morrison in Independence Day: Resurgence (2016) are some of the roles that he has played in American cinema. In the upcoming episode of The Witcher on Netflix, which will be the show’s fourth season, he will play the role of Geralt of Rivia.

In June 2009, while they were both working on The Last Song, Liam Hemsworth and his co-star Miley Cyrus started a romantic relationship. In June of 2012, the pair made the happy announcement that they were going to get engaged after having an on-again, off-again relationship for the previous three years. They were engaged for a while and lived together in Los Angeles, however they broke up in September of 2013.

On October 30, 2022, British actor Henry Cavil, a star actor in the Netflix series “The Witcher,” stated that Australian actor Liam Hemsworth will take up his part in the new season of the show. “The Witcher” is currently streaming on Netflix. Since the first episode of “The Witcher” was released on Netflix in December 2019, Henry Cavill has portrayed the monster hunter Geralt in the series. It has been decided that the actor will leave the series after the completion of the show’s next third season, which is scheduled to premiere in the summer of 2023.

Liam Hemsworth Early Life

Liam Hemsworth’s birthplace is Australia; specifically, Melbourne. His mother, Leonie Hemsworth, is an English instructor, and his father, Craig Hemsworth, is a social services counselor. He is the youngest of three children. Chris Hemsworth and Luke Hemsworth, his older brothers, also work in the entertainment industry as well. In addition to having English, Irish, Scottish, and German ancestry, his grand father is a Dutch immigrant. His additional ancestry comes from the Netherlands.

When Liam Hemsworth was in the eighth grade, his family moved to Phillip Island, a small island in the Australian state of Victoria located southeast of Melbourne. On Phillip Island, Liam Hemsworth and his brothers spent the majority of their time surfing. In order to further his profession as an actor, Liam Hemsworth relocated to the United States in March of 2009. Before moving into their own apartment in Los Angeles, he and his brother Chris Hemsworth lived in the guest house owned by Chris’s manager, William Ward.

Liam Hemsworth Education

After graduating from the local high school in Melbourne, Liam Hemsworth continued his studies at Newhaven College in the city of Melbourne, which is located in the state of Victoria in Australia. Later on, Liam Hemsworth decided to further his studies and enrolled in Hearthmont College in Melbourne, which is located in the state of Victoria in Australia. It was there that he received his diploma.

Liam Hemsworth Career

Liam Hemsworth spent a total of six months working as a floor layer before beginning his career in acting. When he was a senior in high school, he began to seriously consider following in the footsteps of his older brothers by appearing in the school play. In the end, Liam Hemsworth decided to hire a representative. At the age of sixteen, he went to his first audition, and he launched his acting career the following year by making guest appearances on the television dramas Home and Away and McLeod’s Daughters. Liam Hemsworth started filming episodes for the Australian soap opera Neighbours during the week of the 8th of July in 2007. His older brother Luke Hemsworth had previously starred in the show. Between 2007 and 2008, the character of Josh Taylor, played by Liam Hemsworth, appeared in multiple episodes. After Bridget Parker’s character was injured in a car accident and left paralyzed along one side of her body, the fictional character Josh, an athletic paraplegic, formed a relationship with her and helped her cope with the challenges she faced as a result of her condition. Since 2008, Liam Hemsworth has played “Marcus,” the protagonist’s band’s lead guitarist, in the Disney Channel’s The Elephant Princess. Later, Liam Hemsworth had parts on the TV show Satisfaction and was the main character in the British movie Triangle. In addition, he had a cameo appearance in the movie Knowing, playing the role of an MIT student.

Liam Hemsworth was chosen to feature opposite Sylvester Stallone in the film The Expendables, which Sylvester Stallone directed and produced in 2010, but his character was ultimately cut from the movie. Liam Hemsworth later co-starred in The Expendables 2. Chris Hemsworth, Liam’s brother, informed Movieline that Liam Hemsworth received a call from director Kenneth Branagh offering him a chance to audition for the main part in 2011’s Thor just a few hours after hearing the news that he would not be appearing in The Expendables. In March of 2009, Liam Hemsworth relocated to the United States in order to participate in screen tests. Liam Hemsworth was cast as Will Blakelee in the upcoming drama The Last Song, which will be based on the Nicholas Sparks novel of the same name. Despite the fact that he ultimately lost the job to Chris in May, Disney revealed later that same week that Liam Hemsworth had landed the position. Miley Cyrus’s character has Liam Hemsworth’s character in the movie as her potential romantic interest. According to Nikki Finke’s story, Liam Hemsworth had only been living in Los Angeles for a total of three weeks prior to being cast in the role. At the time, he had not yet secured representation. The next month, on August 16, 2009, Liam Hemsworth made an appearance in the music video for Miley Cyrus’s single “When I Look at You.”

During the month of September 2009, Liam Hemsworth made an appearance at a dinner event hosted by Foxtel, an Australian pay television business, in order to promote the firm. Details magazine made Liam Hemsworth one of their picks for “The Next Generation of Hollywood’s Leading Men” in their issue published in March of 2010. In the later part of same month, it was reported that Liam Hemsworth was in talks to play a leading role in Arabian Nights, an upcoming 3D action movie that will be directed by Chuck Russell and produced by Inferno Entertainment. After some time, it was announced that he would play the lead role in the film. It has been rumored that he has also been made an offer for the main part in Northern Lights, which David Ellison is financing, after Taylor Lautner resigned from the production. At the Nickelodeon Australian Kids’ Choice Awards in 2010, Liam Hemsworth hosted the event. Together with Miley Cyrus, he took first place in the “Favorite Kiss” category. The Zac Brown Band’s “Colder Weather” included Liam Hemsworth as a featured performer in the accompanying music video.

On April 4, 2011, Lionsgate made the announcement that Liam Hemsworth would play one of the leading roles in The Hunger Games, which was released in 2012. His character’s name was Gale Hawthorne. He started working on the military drama Love and Honor, starring Aimee Teegarden and Teresa Palmer, in June of 2011. In 2013, Liam Hemsworth had roles in the movies Empire State and Paranoia, both of which also starred Emma Roberts and Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, and Amber Heard, respectively. As Gale Hawthorne, he returned for the films’ three sequels, 2013’s The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, 2014’s The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, and 2015’s The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2. The non-profit group Australians in Film, which has its headquarters in Los Angeles, made the announcement on June 11, 2012, that the actor Liam Hemsworth will be honored at a private benefit dinner that would take place on June 27 2012, in Hollywood. Miley Cyrus, who was engaged to Liam Hemsworth at the time, accompanied him to the event, which was held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Century City and was only open to invited guests. As a newly engaged couple, it was the first time that the two of them appeared in public together.

In the 2014 summer production of the Australian film adaptation of the novel The Dressmaker, which took place in Victoria, Liam Hemsworth was cast in the role of Kate Winslet’s romantic interest. The Dressmaker was filmed in Victoria. The film Independence Day: Resurgence, which was directed by Roland Emmerich and released in 2016, had Liam Hemsworth in a starring role. After taking a break from acting for three years, he returned to the spotlight in 2019 with two starring roles: one was in the fantasy adaptation of a romantic comedy leading man called “Isn’t It Romantic,” and the other was in the action criminal picture “Killerman.” The short-form streaming site Quibi is presently airing the horror television series Most Dangerous Game, which has Liam Hemsworth in a recurring role. The main character, played by Liam Hemsworth, is a terminally ill man who is concerned about providing for his pregnant wife before he passes away. Liam Hemsworth and Laura Dern are scheduled to co-star in the upcoming Netflix film Lonely Planet in the year 2022.

Liam Hemsworth Ethnicity

Liam Hemsworth’s ancestry can be traced back to the Netherlands, Ireland, England, Scotland, and Germany.

Liam Hemsworth Parents

The parents of Liam Hemsworth are English teacher Leonie Hemsworth and social services counselor Craig Hemsworth.

Liam Hemsworth Siblings

Liam Hemsworth has two older brothers named Chris Hemsworth and Luke Hemsworth. They are actors as well.

Liam Hemsworth Religion

Liam Hemsworth was born and raised in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, in a wealthy Christian family. He is an Australian national who practices Christianity.

Liam Hemsworth Wife

Liam Hemsworth dated Miley Cyrus while filming The Last Song in June 2009. The couple got engaged in June 2012 after a three-year on-again, off-again relationship. Los Angeles-based couple broke up in September 2013. Liam Hemsworth said he and Miley Cyrus would “always be best friends” in July 2014. Miley Cyrus’ engagement ring reappeared in January 2016, sparking rumors of a breakup. In October 2016, Miley Cyrus confirmed they were reengaged on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

Miley Cyrus confirmed on social media that she and Liam Hemsworth’s home burned down in the Woolsey Fire in November 2018. She expressed grief for her community and thanks for their safety. Liam Hemsworth posted a photo of their burned home the next morning. In his posts, he complimented the members of his neighborhood for how they rallied to help with the fire’s aftermath and asked his followers to donate time, money, and resources to The Malibu Foundation, a non-profit created in the wake of the Woolsey disaster, and to his fiancée’s non-profit, the Happy Hippie Foundation. Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus donated $500,000 to The Malibu Foundation on November 13.

YouTube video

Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus married in Nashville on December 23, 2018. The couple’s split was confirmed by Miley Cyrus on August 10, 2019. He filed for divorce 11 days later, alleging irreconcilable differences. Their divorce was completed on January 28, 2020. Liam Hemsworth has dated a number of famous women before settling down with Miley Cyrus, including Amanda Bynes, January Jones, Eiza Gonzalez, Nina Dobrev, Maika Monroe, Maddison Brown, and Gabriella Brooks.

Inconclusive rumours claim that Liam Hemsworth and Gabriella Brooks have broken up after dating for three years. According to InTouch, the 32-year-old Australian actor and the 26-year-old model broke up “a couple of months ago” after dating for almost three years. Since Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s separation, the two have been an item.

Liam Hemsworth Children

Liam Hemsworth currently has no children of his own.

Liam Hemsworth Social Media

On Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, Liam Hemsworth can be found under the account @liamhemsworth.

Liam Hemsworth Net Worth

Liam Hemsworth has a $30 million fortune.