Mozambique 2004 Constitution (reviewed 2007)

Table of Contents


Article 302. Flag and Emblem

Changes to the national flag and the emblem of the Republic of Mozambique shall be established by law, which shall be passed in accordance with article 295 (1) within a period of one year of the date upon which this Constitution enters into force.

Article 303. Constitutional Council

When the Constitution enters into force, the Constitutional Council shall remain in office with its current composition and shall assume the powers established in Title Ten.

Article 304. Provincial Assemblies

The elections to the provincial assemblies, provided for in article 142 of the Constitution, shall be held before the year 2009.

Article 305. Previous Law

Insofar as it is not contrary to the Constitution, previous legislation shall remain in force until it is modified or repealed.

Article 306. Entry into Force

The Constitution shall come into force on the day immediately following the day on which the results of the 2004 General Election are validated and proclaimed.

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