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Who is Pete Edochie? All You Need To Know About Nigerian Movie Veteran

Pete Edochie is from Nigeria, and he is an actor. He was born on March 7th, 1947. Peter Edochie is widely recognized as one of the most outstanding performers to come out of Africa.

Key Facts About Pete Edochie

  • He is a Nigerian actor.
  • He was born on March 7th, 1947.
  • He is a devout Christian.
  • Nigerian Igbo.
  • He is 75 years old at the moment.
  • His dad was a chief, a wrestler, and a teacher.
  • Josphine Edochie is his wife.
  • Tony Edochie is his brother.
  • His children include Gene, Yul, Uche Linc, Eva Edochie, and Leo.
  • He is worth a total of $1 million.

Who is Pete Edochie?

Pete Edochie is from Nigeria, and he is an actor. He was born on March 7th, 1947. Peter Edochie is widely recognized as one of the most outstanding performers to come out of Africa. Africa Magic and the Africa Film Academy honored him with their respective Industry Merit Awards and Lifetime Achievement Awards, respectively.

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Even though Pete Edochie was already an experienced administrator and broadcaster, he rose to prominence in the 1980s thanks to his role as Okonkwo in a Nigerian Television Authority adaptation of Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, which at the time was the all-time best-selling novel in the world.

Pete Edochie is a devout follower of Jesus Christ and a Catholic church member. He is of Igbo heritage, which is a people that are native to Southeast Nigeria. In 2003, then-President Olusegun Obasanjo gave him the title Member of the Order of the Niger.

Pete Edochie Early Life

Pete Edochie is 75 years old and was born on March 7th, 1947, in Enugu, Nigeria. He has Igbo ancestry. His sole sibling is a brother by the name of Tony Edochie. His father was a teacher as well as a wrestler in his day.

Pete Edochie Education

Pete Edochie had his primary education in Zaria at St. Patrick and St. James School. He completed his secondary education at St. John’s College, where he was a student. He continued his education at the School of Journalism and Television in England, in the United Kingdom.

Pete Edochie Career

Pete Edochie started his career in radio broadcasting at age 20 as a junior programming assistant. After working his way up through the ranks, he eventually became the station’s director.

He held the position of director of programs, but in addition, he occasionally took on the responsibilities of deputy managing director and managing director. After the government decided to politicize the operations of their FM station, the entire management team, including him, was required to seek employment in the film business. As a result, he quit his position at Anambra Broadcasting Service (ABS).

He has worked on more than 18 films under his name. His prior work included an appearance in Things Fall Apart, for which he received an International Award. The BBC sent him on a flight to Nigeria for an interview for his part in Things Fall Apart.

In 2005, the Actors Guild of Nigeria banned Pete Edochie and several other actors from working in the film industry for one year. Among those actors were Genevieve Nnaji, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, Nkem Owoh, Ramsey Noah, Stella Damasus Aboderin, and Richard Mofe Damijo. The actors had been accused of demanding exorbitant fees from producers due to their A-list celebrity status.

As an actor, Pete Edochie has appeared in a wide range of films, such as Across the Niger (2004), Coronation (2004), Dogs Meeting (2004), End of Money (2005), Living in Tears (2005), Never End (2005), No More War (2005), Ola… the Morning Sun (2005), Price of Ignorance (2005), The Price of Love: Life Is Beautiful (2005), Sacred Tradition (2005), The Tyrant (2005), Holy Cross (2006), Lacrima (2006), Living with Death (2006), Passage of Kings (2006), Simple Baby (2006), Zoza (2006), Azima (2005), Baby Girl (2005), The Omega (2003), Onunaeyi: Seeds of Bondage (2003), Rejected Son (2003), Selfish Desire (2003), Super Love (2003), Tears in the Sun (2003), Tunnel of Love (2003), When God Says Yes (2003), Battle Line (2002), My Love (2002), etc.

Pete Edochie Parents

Pete Edochie’s father was a wrestler and a teacher, in addition to being a chief. Since our knowledge of them is so limited, we will update this area as new information becomes available.

Pete Edochie Siblings

Pete Edochie has a brother named Tony Edochie.

Pete Edochie Ethnicity

Pete Edochie is a member of the Igbo ethnic group.

Pete Edochie Religion

Pete Edochie identifies himself as a Christian and devout follower of the Catholic faith.

Pete Edochie Wife

Pete and Josphine Edochie have been married for a long time.

Pete Edochie Children

Pete Edochie is the father of six children: Leo, Gene, Yul, Uche Linc, and Eva Edochie.

Pete Edochie Social Media

Pete Edochie’s handle on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram is @peteedochie, and you can find him there.

Pete Edochie Net Worth

Pete Edochie has a net worth that is estimated at $1 million.