Niger 2010 Constitution (reviewed 2017)


We, The Sovereign Nigerien People

  • Resolved to consolidate the gains of the Republic and of the national independence proclaimed respectively on the 18th of December of 1958 and the 3rd of August of 1960 as well as those of the Sovereign National Conference that reunited from the 29th of July to the 3 d of November of 1991 the totality of the living forces of the Nation;
    Resolved to build a State of Law guaranteeing, on the one hand, the exercise of collective and individual rights, freedom, justice, dignity, equality, safety, and well-being as fundamental values of our society and, on the other hand, democratic alternation and good governance;

    Resolved to build a united Nation, dignified, peaceful, industrious and prosperous;

    Profoundly attached to the values of civilization that founded our personality;

    Concerned to safeguard our cultural identity;

Proclaim our attachment to the principles of pluralist democracy and of human rights as defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, the International Pact Relative to Civil and Political rights of 1966, the International Pact Relative to the Economical, Social and Cultural Rights of 1966, and by the African Charter of the Rights of Man and of Peoples of 1981;

Proclaim our attachment to the regional and international juridical instruments of protection and of promotion of human rights as signed and ratified by Niger;

Reaffirm our attachment to African Unity and our engagement to make every effort to realize regional and sub-regional integration;

Express our willingness to cooperate in amity, equality and mutual respect with all peoples [who] love [épris de] peace, justice and freedom;

Reaffirm our absolute opposition to any political regime founded on dictatorship, arbitrariness, impunity, injustice, corruption, racketeering, regionalism, ethnocentrism, nepotism, personal power and the cult of personality;

Solemnly adopt this Constitution, supreme law of the State to which we swear respect, loyalty and fidelity, and of which this Preamble is an integral part.