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Who Is Peter Obi? Everything You Need To Know About Nigerian Politician

Peter Obi, Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, poses for a picture after an interview with Reuters at his residence in Lagos

Who Is Peter Obi?

Peter Obi is a successful businessman and politician who has served as governor of Anambra for a total of two terms, beginning in March 2006 and ending in March 2014, respectively. His first time as governor lasted from March to November 2006. His second time lasted from February to May 2007. In the month of May 2022, he was officially nominated by the Labour Party to run in the upcoming presidential election in Nigeria.

In the year 1961, he was born in the city of Onitsha. After receiving his degree in 1984 from the University of Nigeria, he went on to pursue a career in business and finance. He moved through the ranks and was successful in obtaining multiple executive jobs at high-ranking banks. Before he entered politics, he served as the chairman of Fidelity Bank throughout the early years of the new millennium.

In 2003, he made an attempt to become governor under the banner of the All Progressives Grand Alliance. Despite this, his opponent was awarded the win in a manner that was not proper. He fought it in court for three years without giving up, so it’s safe to say he didn’t give in. After some time, in 2006, he was finally deemed the victor.

During Peter Obi’s tenure as governor, significant strides were made in the areas of state finances, education, and healthcare.

Peter Obi’s term in office came to an end in 2014, and he has since transitioned into a new role as an advocate for outstanding governance and a national political figure. In 2014, he also joined the Peoples Democratic Party. In the presidential election that took place five years later, he was chosen to be the vice presidential nominee, and he ran alongside Atiku Abubakar. In spite of this, Yemi Osinbajo, the incumbent President and Vice President of Nigeria, defeated him.

In May of this year, he declared his candidacy for the position of President of the Labour Party, which would run in the upcoming elections.

What You Must Know About Peter Obi’s Education

Christ the King College in Onitsha was where Peter Obi graduated from the secondary school portion of his studies. He applied to the University of Nigeria in 1980 and was accepted there the same year. He earned a Bachelor of Arts with Honors in Philosophy from the university in 1984.

In addition, Peter Obi received his education from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. The Said Business School at Oxford University and the Judge Business School at Cambridge University are both prestigious institutions for business education.

He also received his education from the Columbia Business School as well as the London School of Economics. At the International Institute for Management Development, he participated in both the Chief Executive Officer Program and the Senior Execution Program, both of which awarded him certificates upon completion.

Also, he finished the Chief Executive Program at Lagos Business School. Peter Obi also went to Harvard Business School, where he graduated with a double major.

What We Learnt About Peter Obi’s Business Career

Before being involved in politics, Peter Obi had a successful career in business. Before he entered the world of corporations, he began his career in the trading industry because he had grown up in that environment. He was promoted to top roles in a few different privately owned enterprises.

His professional experience includes stints at Guardian Express Bank Plc, Chams Nigeria Ltd, Future View Securities Ltd, Paymaster Nigeria Ltd, Card Centre Ltd, and Next International Ltd, amongst others. He also served as Chairman and Director of Guardian Express Bank Plc.

Peter Obi held the position of Chairman of Fidelity Bank Plc at an exceptionally young age.

What You Should Know About Peter Obi’s Political Career

In 2003, Peter Obi campaigned for governor of Anambra State as a candidate for the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA). He was unsuccessful. Despite this, the election commission declared Chris Nigige, his rival, the victor. Ngige’s victory was overturned by the Court of Appeal on March 15, 2006, after being challenged in court for a total of three years.

After only seven months in office, the State House of Assembly impeached him in November of 2006, and Virginia Etiaba was elected to replace him in the position. She was the first woman to ever hold the position of Governor in the history of Nigeria. After mounting a successful challenge, he was reinstated to his position as leader in February of 2007.

On 29 May 2007, after the General Elections had been held and Andy Uba had been declared the winner, Peter Obi once again left office. Again, he went back to court, this time arguing that his four-year term as governor, which he had won in the elections of 2003, had not begun until he assumed office in March 2006.

The Supreme Court of Nigeria ruled in his favour on June 14, 2007, restoring him to office. In doing so, the Supreme Court effectively ended the administration of Peter Obi’s designated successor, Andy Uba, whose 14 April 2007 election was overturned on the grounds that Peter Obi’s four-year term should have continued uninterrupted until March 2010.

In the election for governor of Anambra State in 2010, Professor Charles Chukwuma Soludo, a former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, was beaten by Peter Obi, who was later certified the victor of the election by INEC. On March 17, 2014, he passed the position on to Willie Obiano who had become his successor.

He became chairman of the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) after President Goodluck Jonathan named him to the position following the 2015 election.

What We Know About Peter Obi As Candidate For 2023 Election

The announcement that Peter Obi intended to run for president under the banner of the People’s Democratic Party was made public on 24 March 2022. However, Peter Obi ultimately decided to run for office under the banner of the Labour Party.

Peter Obi was referred to by Reuters as the man who was rallying “Obi-dients” to shake up the election in Nigeria.

Learn More About Peter Obi’s Political Support

It has been demonstrated that youths under the age of 30 are among Peter Obi’s admirers and supporters. The young people have demonstrated their genuine support via social media, marches through the streets, and rallies.

The people who support Peter Obi are sometimes referred to as “OBI-dients.”

On July 8, 2022, he eventually disclosed the identity of his running mate.

In the year 2020, he demonstrated his support for the social movement known as #EndSARS, which was a protest against the brutality of the police.

Who Is Peter Obi’s Vice-Presidential Running-Mate?

In July of 2002, he announced that Senator Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed would be his running mate for the vice presidency.

Peter Obi on Pandora Papers

Peter Obi showed his support for an outstanding advocate for openness and transparency. On the other hand, the Pandora Papers shed light on the majority of his private dealings during the course of his life.

Peter Obi, on the other hand, denies all of the allegations made against him about the Pandora Papers affair.

Despite the fact that as a result of this revelation, a lot of questions were brought up and questioned, Peter Obi responded negatively to all of them. It’s possible that his adversaries will exploit this against him to a significant degree.


What is Peter Obi’s Full Name?

His full name is Peter Gregory Obi.

What is Peter Obi’s Date of Birth?

Peter Obi was born July 19, 1961.

How old is Peter Obi in 2022?

Peter Obi is now 61-year old.

What is Peter Obi’s Place of Origin?

Peter Obi was born in Onitsha, Anambra State.

What is Peter Obi’s Nationality?

He is Nigerian.

What is Peter Obi’s Political Party?

Labour Party.

What Position is Peter Obi Contesting?

Peter Obi is running for president of Nigeria.

What is Peter Obi’s Religious Belief?

Peter Obi is, in fact, a devout Christian. A member of the Catholic faith.

Who is Peter Obi’s Wife?

Peter Obi is married to Margaret Peter Obi (née Margaret Brownson Usen). Her hometown is Onna, in the state of Akwa Ibom.

How Many Children Does Peter Obi Have?

Peter Obi is a proud father of two. It’s safe to assume that Gabriella is a female and Oseloka is a male.

What is Peter Obi’s Ethnicity?

Peter Obi hails from the southeastern region of Nigeria. He comes from a long line of Igbo people.

What is Peter Obi’s Net Worth?

According to estimates, Peter Obi has a net worth of about $10 million.