Why Peter Okoye Is Trending: What We Know About His Wife Lola Omotayo

Peter Okoye, who is better known as Mr P, is a Nigerian singer. He was born on November 18, 1981, Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. Peter Okoye rose to fame in the 2000s as a member of the P-Square duo with his identical twin brother Paul, also known as Rudeboy.

Who Is Peter Okoye?

Peter Okoye, better known by his stage name Mr. P, is a singer who hails from Nigeria. He was born on November 18th, 1981 in the city of Jos, which is located in the state of Plateau in Nigeria. Peter Okoye and his identical twin brother Paul Okoye, better known by their stage name Rudeboy, shot to prominence in the early 2000s as members of the music duo P-Square.

Peter and Rudeboy, his twin brother, spent their childhood in Jos, which is located in the Plateau State of Nigeria. Their family was quite large. Josephine and Moses Okoye were his parents, and he was born into their family. Peter and his brother Paul became involved in the school’s music and drama club, where they began to learn dance moves, sing famous songs, and perform to the music of popular artists such as MC Hammer, Bobby Brown, and Michael Jackson.

Peter Okoye and Lola Omotayo, who was his girlfriend at the time, gave birth to their daughter Aliona in a hospital in San Francisco, California, in the United States in the year 2013. The wedding took place on November 17, 2013, at the Ark in Lekki, which is located in Lagos, Nigeria.

What We Know About Peter Okoye’s Wife, Lola Omotayo

Lola Omotayo’s birthday is September 2nd, and she was born in Lagos, Nigeria, in 1972. Her full name is Titilola Loretta Omotayo.

Lola Omotayo holds Nigerian nationality in addition to her Russian nationality, despite the fact that she was born in Nigeria. This is due to the fact that she was born into a family that consisted of a Russian mother and a Nigerian father.

Before relocating to Nigeria, Lola’s father, Dipo Omotayo, tied the knot with her mother and began their family. In the field of petroleum and natural gas, he was the proprietor of Silco Drilling and Completion Services, which has its headquarters in Lagos.

What You Should Know About Lola Omotayo’s Education & Career

In 1990, Lola Omotayo was offered a place at the University of Ife to pursue a degree in Psychology; however, she ultimately decided to attend San Francisco University in the United States instead. She relocated as a result of the ongoing strikes that have been going on in Nigerian institutions.

Lola Omotayo has previous experience working for a few different media companies and also in the role of Business development director. She has since been promoted to a position of executive responsibility in her father’s business.

Why Is Peter Okoye Trending?

On this day, September 2, 2022, Peter Okoye, who is 40 years old, posted a poem to social media in honour of his wife, Lola Omotayo-Okoye, who is celebrating her 50th birthday anniversary. The poem was written as a celebration of her milestone birthday.

“As the wine ages, it matured into a drink that the heavens crave for. You are the wine in my life, you are my sweet intoxication,” he wrote.

“Maturity into a more beautiful person year after year. Wishing you a very happy 50th and a fabulous birthday my dear wife @lolaomotayo_okoye.”

While Lola Omotayo was celebrating herself, she also posted gorgeous images on her Instagram page, which you can see below.

“50 shades of lollipop. I am 50 and proud. 50 and fabulous,” she wrote.

The ages of the two individuals in the relationship are irrelevant to the partnership. In spite of all the stories and slanders that have been spread about them, they continue to enjoy life at home with their two children, a boy and a girl.