Russian Federation 1993 Constitution (reviewed 2014)

Table of Contents


Article 130

  1. Local self-government in the Russian Federation shall provide for the independent resolution by the population of issues of local importance, and the possession, use and management of municipal property.
  2. Local self-government shall be exercised by citizens by means of referendum, elections and other forms of direct expression of their will, and through elected and other bodies of local self-government.

Article 131

  1. Local self-government shall be administered in urban and rural settlements and on other territories with due consideration to historical and other local traditions. The structure of bodies of local self-government shall be determined by the population independently.
  2. Changes of borders of the territories in which local self-government is administered shall be permitted with due consideration to the opinion of the inhabitants of the relevant territories.

Article 132

  1. Bodies of local self-government shall independently manage municipal property, form, approve and implement the local budget, introduce local taxes and levies, ensure the preservation of public order, and resolve other issues of local importance.
  2. Bodies of local self-government may be vested by law with certain State powers and accordingly receive material and financial resources which are necessary for their implementation. The implementation of the vested power shall be controlled by the State.

Article 133

Local self-government in the Russian Federation shall be guaranteed by the right to legal protection and compensation of additional expenses arising as a result of decisions adopted by State government bodies, and by a ban on restrictions of the rights of local self-government which are established by the Constitution of the Russian Federation and federal laws.