Rwanda 2003 Constitution (reviewed 2015)


We, the People of Rwanda,

HONOURING our valiant ancestors who sacrificed themselves to found Rwanda and the heroes who struggled for security, justice, freedom, and the restoration of our national tranquillity, dignity and pride;

CONSIDERING that we enjoy the privilege of having one country, a common language, a common culture and a long shared history which must enable us to have a common vision of our destiny;

CONSCIOUS of the genocide committed against Tutsi that decimated more than a million sons and daughters of Rwanda, and conscious of the tragic history of our country;

MINDFUL that peace, security, unity and reconciliation of the people of Rwanda are the pillars of development;

COMMITTED to building a State governed by the rule of law, based on the respect for human rights, freedom and on the principle of equality of all Rwandans before the law as well as equality between men and women;

COMMITTED further to building a State based on consensual and pluralistic democracy founded on power sharing, national unity and reconciliation, good governance, development, social justice, tolerance and resolution of problems through dialogue;

COMMITTED to preventing and punishing the crime of genocide, fighting genocide negationism and revisionism, eradicating genocide ideology and all its manifestations, divisionism and discrimination based on ethnicity, region or any other ground;

COMMITTED to upholding our values based on family, morality and patriotism, and ensuring that all State organs serve our common interest;

EXERCISING our sovereign and inalienable right to freely choose the form of Government for our country;

DO HEREBY REVISE, through a referendum, the Constitution of the Republic of Rwanda of 04 June 2003 as amended: