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Who is Facundo Pellistri? All You Should Know About Uruguay Soccer Star

Facundo Pellistri is a professional footballer from Uruguay. He is a forward for both Manchester United and the Uruguayan national team.

Key Facts About Facundo Pelllistri

  • He plays football professionally and is from Uruguay.
  • He is a forward for Manchester United in the Premier League.
  • He also plays for Uruguay’s national team.
  • He was born on December 20, 2001.
  • He goes by Facundo Pellistri Robello in full.
  • He practises Christianity.
  • He is dating Cami Garcia.
  • His total net worth is 2 million euros.

Who is Facundo Pellistri?

Facundo Pellistri is a professional footballer from Uruguay. He is a forward for both Manchester United and the Uruguayan national team. His full name is Facundo Pellistri Robello, born on December 20, 2001.

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Facundo Pellistri Early Life

Facundo Pellistri started his life in the capital city of Uruguay, Montevideo; he has ancestors in both Spain and Italy. His dad is an accountant. Because his paternal grandmother was a native of A Corua, Galicia, Spain, he also possesses a valid passport from that country.

Facundo Pellistri Education

Facundo Pellistri received his private education in Pocitos at two different schools: St Brendan’s School (where he first learned English) and Ivy Thomas Memorial School (where he remained until the end of the fourth grade). When he was in school, math was his most important subject. In 2019, Facundo Pellistri completed a pre-architecture educational programme.

Facundo Pellistri Career

Facundo Pellistri is a former Pearol youth academy player who has also played professionally for La Picada and River Plate Montevideo. His first game in a professional match was Pearol’s 2-2 draw with Defensor Sporting on August 11 2019. On November 6, 2019, he scored his first professional goal in a 3-1 victory over Cerro.

Facundo Pellistri moved to Manchester United on October 5, 2020, for a fee that was said to be almost €10 million. Diego Forlan, the Pearol manager at the time, spoke highly of Facundo Pellistri to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, manager at Manchester United and former teammate, praising Pellistri’s English proficiency and comparing him to Ryan Giggs.

Facundo Pellistri has already participated in two preseason games, scoring goals in both. On July 18, 2021, he scored his first goal of preseason play in a 2-1 victory over Derby County at Pride Park. In Bangkok, a preseason game against Liverpool on July 12, 2022, saw him score a goal as part of a 4-0 victory. Facundo Pellistri was loaned out to Deportivo Alavés on January 31st, 2021. After spending the 2020-21 season on loan at Alavés, he decided to return there the following year.

Facundo Pellistri has been selected for the 2022 FIFA World Cup roster. On the pitch, winger Facundo Pellistri has been praised for his quickness, technique, and ability to see the bigger picture strategically. On January 7 2022, he was included in the senior squad for World Cup qualifying matches against Paraguay and Venezuela for the first time. It was a 1-0 victory over Paraguay on the road on January 27, 2022, when he made his first appearance for his country.

Facundo Pellistri Parents

We know his parents are of Italian and Spanish descent, but no other details about their backgrounds have been revealed as of yet.

Facundo Pellistri Siblings

No information about Facundo Pellistri’s siblings was available when this article was published.

Facundo Pellistri Ethnicity

Facundo Pellistri’s ancestry can be traced back to both Italy and Spain.

Facundo Pellistri Religion

Facundo Pellistri identifies himself as a follower of Christianity.

Facundo Pellistri Relationship

Cami Garcia and Facundo Pellistri are romantically involved with one another.

Facundo Pellistri Children

Facundo Pellistri does not currently have any offspring of his own.

Facundo Pellistri Social Media

You can follow Facundo Pellistri on Instagram as @facu_pelistri.

Facundo Pellistri Net Worth

Facundo Pellistri’s net worth is rounded up to 4 million euros.