Belgium 1831 Constitution

Table of Contents

TITLE V. The Army

Article 118

The method of recruiting the army shall be determined by law. Legal regulations shall also provide for the promotion, rights and obligations of the military.

Article 119

The number of the army shall be fixed annually. The law which determines the number shall be in force only for one year, unless it be renewed.

Article 120

The organization and powers of the armed police shall be regulated by law.

Article 121

No foreign force shall be admitted into the service of the State, nor shall it occupy or traverse her territory, unless permitted by law.

Article 122

There shall be a militia, the organization of which shall be regulated by law.

The officers of all grades as high as captain shall be chosen by the militia, with such exceptions as may be judged necessary in the case of the accountants.

Article 123

The mobilization of the militia shall not take place except by law.

Article 124

Members of the military shall be deprived of their rank, honors and pensions, except in a manner determined by law.