Difference Between Need and Want

Difference Between Need and Want

Indeed, need and want are the two phrases used in describing any financial condition; however, there are disparities between these two. The two words are usually used in expressions that communicate the feeling of obtaining things. This is the main cause why they get interchanged. Simply, need can be described as crucial for survival, in which without it, one’s survival is questionable. On the other hand, want is described as something for which an individual yearns. Want does not stand as a peril to an individual’s survival. This article helps to analyze the disparities between these two.

What is Need?

A need is described as a thing that is essential for the survival of an individual. If the need is not obtainable, then one may not be able to survive or finds it hard to survive. An important need for the survival of man includes hygienic water. This is due to the reality that man can not survive without water. Therefore, aside from water being a necessity, shelter and clothing are as well. Shelter and clothing are taken to be among the fundamental requirements for survival. Needs are important for the existence of man. However, if there is an absence of your fundamental requirements, which may be food, shelter, or clothing, that implies your presence in life is questioned. Although the human character is a kind that when their fundamental requirements and desires are fulfilled, other desires will emerge. An individual’s desires are limitless. The fulfilment of one desire opens the door to another want.

What is Want?

A want points out something which an individual yearns or longs to own. In the situation of want, an individual may desire it at the moment or later. It is therefore known that you will still go ahead to live even in cases in which you end up not acquiring what you dreamt of owning. This is an essential disparity between need and want. A need is very crucial for your survival, while a want is not. If the need is not obtainable, the individual will find it hard to move ahead with life. On the contrary, want does not possess this challenge. For instance, an individual may desire to own a car; then, it is almost a wish to own it; therefore, the passion for owning a car is described as want. The individual will still go ahead to live even if he doesn’t acquire the car. Wants change often, as individuals do not cling to a particular want for a long time and change their wants in various conditions. An instance, what a child longs for while still young will be different from what he will long for when he becomes an adult. Dissimilar to needs that are vital for man’s existence and stand as a threat to man’s way of life if challenged. Want does not stand in the way of man’s existence. The satisfaction of want only brings about pleasure.

Difference Between Need and Want

Need is essential for the existence of an individual. A need is that thing that is very crucial for the survival of an individual. On the other hand, want points out something an individual yearns for or wishes to possess. Wants are not too critical a thing for the survival of man. Needs are important for man’s well-being. Man’s survival is challenged if there is an absence of fundamental requirements, including shelter, food and clothing. On the other hand, want only offers fulfilment when acquired, but it does not pose any challenge to one’s wellbeing.