Who is John Lyon? Facts About Abuja Big Boy & ‘Kidnapper’

John Lyon is a highly well-known big boy who resides in Abuja and is also a motivational speaker. In addition to all of these things, he was a social media sensation, a devout churchgoer, and a political organiser.1
  • He uses John Lyon as his name on social media.
  • The true name of John Lyon is actually John Ewa.
  • He is widely recognised as a powerful figure in Abuja.
  • The 22nd of December, 1986 was the day John Lyon was born.
  • Bayelsa State in Nigeria is his home state.
  • John Lyon studied at the University of Calabar in Calabar.
  • He used to be an employee at Sterling Bank.
  • John Lyon is of Ijaw descent.
  • Several videos of him publicly flaunting his wealth were posted online.
  • John Lyon, wanted for kidnapping, was just captured in Abuja.
  • In a viral video, John Lyon admits to committing the crime.

Who is John Lyon?

John Lyon is a highly well-known big boy who resides in Abuja and is also a motivational speaker. The truth about his identity has been brought to light, and his real name is John Ewa. In addition to all of these things, he was a social media sensation, a devout churchgoer, and a political organiser.

According to a large number of photographs and videos taken from his social media pages, he was seen wearing a campaign jersey belonging to David Lyon, who had previously run for governor of Bayelsa state, while he was with security officers.

Even though they were unaware of his line of work, many of his followers and admirers aspired to emulate him in some way.

John Lyon’s Education: What We Learnt

On December 22, 1986, John Lyon was brought into the world. He hails from the southern state of Bayelsa in Nigeria.

According to the information that can be seen on John Lyon’s various social media profiles, he received his degree from the University of Calabar.

John Lyon’s Career: What You Need To Know

John Ewa changed his identity to John Lyon after being fired from a bank for alleged criminal activity.

He had previously worked for Sterling Bank as a member of their staff. In addition to that, he says that Lyon Interior Hub is one of his businesses.

Before he was apprehended by the Nigerian Police in Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory, none of his admirers had any idea that he was a notorious kidnapper and that the majority of his money came from criminal enterprises. Until that point, he had managed to keep his criminal activities a secret from all of his followers.

John Lyon’s Religion: Facts We Know

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that John Lyon is a Christian. We have seen a lot of photographs and videos of him in churches located in Abuja, which is the federal capital area of Nigeria.

John Lyon’s Ethnicity: What We Discovered

There is no question about John Lyon’s Ijaw ancestry. Only the states of Bayelsa and Ekiti in Nigeria have a population that is made up of members of the same tribe. The Ijaw people are the ancestors of everyone in Bayelsa, while the Ekiti people are the ancestors of everyone in Ekiti. Therefore, John Lyon has Ijaw roots in his family tree.

John Lyon’s Net Worth

It is likely that no one is aware of John Lyon’s precise net worth, despite the fact that his social media photographs and videos feature him with large amounts of cash.

John Lyon’s Arrest & Confession: What We Know

In a video that went popular on the internet, he can be heard pleading for forgiveness from both his victim and the police. He says that he won’t be involved in another crime ever again and that his wife just delivered their child.

In the video that went viral, John Lyon, who appeared to be in handcuffs and was located in what appeared to be a police station, stated that prior to his arrest, he had only engaged in two kidnapping operations.

Operation Puff Adder began tracking John Lyon after arresting two suspects in the kidnapping of Premium Trust Bank manager Danjuma Emeije in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State.

John Lyon, who uses Lyon Interior Hub to mask his illicit operations, is known for his opulent lifestyle and hefty spending at Yenagoa nightclubs.

He is believed to have kidnapped the sister of previous governor Seriake Dickson and major Igbo businessmen, leading many to leave the state.

A police source stated a close friend of John Lyon, who is the in-law of a major political party’s governorship candidate, is also in custody answering questions about kidnappings in the state.

A number of people, possibly even some of his buddies, applauded him for spending money extravagantly a few years back. Nobody was aware of his involvement in kidnapping.