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Who is Demola Seriki? All You Need To Know About Nigerian Politician

Demola Seriki was an educator, entrepreneur, and public official in Nigeria. He goes by his full name, Ademola Rasaq Atanda Seriki.

Key Facts About Demola Seriki

  • He was a politician, businessman, teacher, and public official from Nigeria.
  • His birth date was November 30, 1959.
  • He passed away on December 15, 2022.
  • His full name is Ademola Rasaq Atanda Seriki.
  • He was from the Yoruba tribe.
  • He had three different spouses.
  • He’s worth $5 million, all in all.

Who is Demola Seriki?

Demola Seriki was an educator, entrepreneur, and public official in Nigeria. He goes by his full name, Ademola Rasaq Atanda Seriki. His birthday was November 30, 1959, and he passed away on December 15, 2022. Before his untimely demise in 2021, Demola Seriki served as Nigeria’s ambassador to Spain and permanent representative to the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). He was once Nigeria’s Minister of State for Defence.

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Demola Seriki Early Life

Demola Seriki entered this world on November 30, 1959, on the island of Lagos, Nigeria. Demola Seriki comes from the tribe of Yoruba.

Demola Seriki Education

Demola Seriki attended the City University of New York for his undergraduate and graduate studies in accounting, finance, and management. In addition, he completed a Senior Executive Education programme and a certificate degree in National and International Security at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Demola Seriki Career

Demola Seriki started his professional life in 1978 as a clerical officer at the Lagos City Council in City Hall, Lagos, Nigeria. He later spent some time with the International Bank for West Africa Ltd (IBWA), currently known as Afribank. Demola Seriki was unsatisfied with his clerical work as a junior public servant because he could not expect to be promoted to the upper echelons of public service with only a secondary school diploma.

Demola Seriki attended New York City’s City College to get a BA in Economics and an MS in Accounting, Finance, and Management. Among his many credentials, he taught business, accounting, and mathematics. His next stop was the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard, where he earned a National and International Security degree. In New York, he taught at John F. Kennedy High School, Walton High School, and Springfield Gardens High School from 1984 and 1986 after receiving certification in accounting and business mathematics.

Demola Seriki worked as an assistant manager at Koskolowsky & Co. in Rochester, New York, between 1986 and 1987. In addition, he spent time in New York City as a Customer Representative/Assistant Manager at Dollar Dry Dock Bank. When Demola Seriki returned to Nigeria in 1987, he got a job as the company’s manager at Equity and Trust Finance Company Limited, where he stayed until 1992.

In 1994, he took assumed leadership of the Lagos State Sports Council.   During Demola Seriki’s time as chairman of the sports council, Nigeria was amid political unrest as the National Democratic Coalition, Nigeria (NADECO) and civil society organisations fought for democratic rule after the annulment of the general elections won by MKO Abiola by the then military junta. Lagos’s streets were frequently disrupted and rioted by young people at this time.   Although political upheaval prevented many young people from participating in state and national sports, Demola Seriki was instrumental in bringing in new talent. His background as a community organiser led him to focus on getting young people involved in sports through grassroots sports development initiatives hosted by local educational institutions. Therefore, in 1993, Demola Seriki was honoured as the Best State Chairman of the Sports Council by the Nigerian Basketball Federation (NBBF).

In 1992, Demola Seriki contested for a Senate seat in Lagos Central District on the ticket of the National Republican Convention (NRC), which no longer exists. In 1998, he won the federal House of Representatives election from the Lagos Island constituency on the ticket of the United Nigeria Congress Party (UNCP), which is no longer in existence.  Sadly, General Abdulsalam Abubakar’s transitional regime quickly replaced the late Abacha administration, rendering this victory meaningless. In 1993, he was granted Honorary Life Membership in the Table Tennis Association in recognition of his extensive experience in public administration and dedication to the growth of sports in Lagos State.

In early 2021, President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria nominated Demola Seriki to serve as the country’s ambassador to Spain. When he was Interior Minister, he worked closely with him to develop and implement policies that would fulfil that position’s responsibilities. To help coordinate and ensure that the ministry’s directive was followed, he presided over the Nigerian Civil Defence, Immigration, and Prisons Services Board.

Nigeria’s Prison Service, Federal Fire Service, Seaman Identity Certificate, and Marriage Registration were all under Demola Sekriki’s purview. From 2008 to 2009, he served as the country’s Minister of State for Defense. In this role, he oversaw the Military Pensions Board in pursuing government objectives. He worked with the Minister of Defense within his assigned timeline to formulate and implement plans.

Demola Seriki has also managed the operations of several Nigerian state-owned enterprises (parastatals), including the Geological Surveys Agency of Nigeria, the Nigerian coal corporation joint venture in Enugu, the National Steel and Raw Materials Agency in Kaduna, the National Metallurgical Development Centre in Jos, the Metallurgical Training Institute in Onitsha, the Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited, and the National Iron Ore Mining Company Limited. During his first stint in government service, he worked closely with the ministry to formulate agricultural and water resource policies that would stimulate Nigeria’s economic, industrial, and social development. During his time in government, he became known throughout the region and worldwide as the official representative of the country’s agriculture sector.

Demola Seriki Parents

There is currently no information available regarding the identity of Demola Seriki’s parents.

Demola Seriki Siblings

There is no information available regarding the identity of Demola Seriki’s siblings.

Demola Seriki Ethnicity

Demola Seriki hails from the Yoruba ethnic group of Nigeria.

Demola Seriki Religion

Seriki Demola was a devout Muslim.

Demola Seriki Wife

Demola Seriki had three wives: Remi, Wosilat, and Princess Solape.

Demola Seriki Children

Demola Seriki’s marriages to his two wives resulted in children.

Demola Seriki Social Media

If you’re interested in learning more, Demola Seriki’s Twitter handle is @demoaseriki.

Demola Seriki Net Worth

The estimated wealth of Demola Seriki is $5 million.