Luxembourg 1868 Constitution (reviewed 2009)

Table of Contents

Chapter I Of the State, of its Territory and the Grand Duke

Article 1

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a democratic, free, independent and indivisible State.

Article 2

The boundaries and chief towns of the judicial or administrative districts, of the cantons and of the communes may only be changed by virtue of a law.

Article 3

The Crown of the Grand Duchy is hereditary within the family of Nassau conforming to the Pact of 30 June 1783, to Article 71 of the Treaty of Vienna of 9 June 1815, and to Article 1 of the Treaty of London of 11 May 1867.

Article 4

The person of the grand Duke is inviolable.

Article 5

  1. The Grand Duke of Luxembourg attains his majority on the completion of eighteen years of age. When he accedes to the throne, he takes, as soon as possible, in the presence of the Chamber of Deputies or of a deputation appointed by it, the following oath:
  2. “I swear to observe the Constitution and the laws of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, to maintain the national independence and integrity of the territory, as well as public and individual freedoms.”

Article 6

If on the death of the Grand Duke, His successor is a minor, the regency is exercised conforming to the Family Pact.

Article 7

If the Grand Duke finds it impossible to reign, the regency is provided for as in the case of minority.

In the case of vacancy of the throne, the Chamber provides for the regency provisionally. A new Chamber, convoked with the double numbers within thirty days, provides for the vacancy definitely.

Article 8

When he enters into his functions, the Regent takes the following oath:

“I swear fidelity to the Grand Duke. I swear to observe the Constitution and the laws of the country.”

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